Love this dotty jumpsuit!

Happy Wednesday and welcome to my midweek offering. This dotty jumpsuit cost me £6.50 from the Cancer Research charity shop in Truro in April and this is its first airing. In fact, apart from trying it on in the shop (in haste) I hadn't tried it on before wearing it. A quick wash cycle was all the attention it has had since all those months ago, until yesterday morning when I ironed it, laid it out on the bed and accessorised it ready to go. 

After my shower and in a hurry as always I put it on to discover that it was miles too long in the leg, even with my towering (tallest) sandals. Already late for work, (although I was actually on a day off) I decided that some creative styling was needed. The stretch belt helped - blousing the excess material over the top of the belt allowed me to tweak the leg length to just the right height so that I wouldn't trip over them.

The blousing effect kinda works although it's not quite what I had planned. 

I bet I'm not the only one who goes into work on their day off... Last week's jaunt to the mainland for that little modelling opportunity has left me a bit guilt stricken at how much, be it real or imagined, needs to be done in the office. Polly has done an amazing job at steering the gallery in my absence, but I still felt the need to make an appearance. I did actually only stay for half a day and then took some time off.

This summer seems to be all about orange and pinks for me (well maybe also yellow, blue and green too) so I decided that I could inject some colours into the black and white canvas that is the jumpsuit. The orange skyscraper heels (preloved, by Office) proved to be a tad easier to walk around in on their second wearing. 

The orange bangle and black ring are also preloved, the pink ring and bangle were presents from girlfriends and my ever faithful gold chain necklace was a gift from my daughter. Sunnies are from Quay Australia.

The back view shows off the cutaway shoulders and neat three button fastening at the neck. The brand is Wallis.

Check out those biceps!

That's just about it for today folks - thanks for dropping by! I hope you're having a great week and enjoying some lovely weather too. I'll be back on Sunday with a round-up of our summer exhibition opening night on Saturday and my new outfit for that.

Anna x

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