My 15 minutes

Andy Warhol's quote that we'd all have our 15 minutes of fame came true for me recently when I was featured with the legend that is Johnnie Walker on his Sounds of the 70's radio programme last Sunday. My sister Dianne was somewhat bemused as to how the presenter who has interviewed a plethora of music icons came to interview me. Well, I have to confess to wondering why I made the grade too, but how is much easier to explain. Johnnie's wife, Tiggy is a yoga enthusiast who attends a yoga retreat on the island every year and as such we have become friends. 

In June Johnnie and Tiggy were here during the heatwave enjoying life far away from the fast lane that is their norm. Steve and I took them off-island to one of the uninhabited islands for a picnic which unfolded into one of those blissful, idyllic days that remain crystallised in the memory banks. We ate our simple picnic, sipped on chilled beer and shared our life stories. Johnnie thought the tale of how I arrived on these beautiful shores merited some further exposure, but I thought it was just the blazing sun and beer taking their toll on his sense of judgement - flattering at the time, but not really expected to come to anything. 

The day rolled on and the sun shone relentlessly until we needed to escape and so we motored gently home to retreat to the cool of our granite cottage where we cracked open a bottle of elderflower gin, a Father's Day gift from Sasha. After quite a few "one more for the road" as is my husband's forte, we ended what was a nigh on perfect day. Imagine my surprise, when Johnnie turned up at the gallery a couple of days later to inform me that he was going to be interviewing me at the end of business and for me to get my tracks ready. With no Polly to flap to (it was her day off) I decided to scribble down some ideas and get on with the chores of the day. Just after five o'clock Johnnie turned up and we ensconced ourselves upstairs in my office overlooking the bay, windows flung wide open to enjoy the beach life right on the doorstep.

We chatted about these fabulous islands which remain unspoilt and how lucky we feel to be here during this heatwave. We talked about this and that until Johnnie got his phone out and said we'd do the interview. It didn't feel like an interview at all - I just spoke about how I came to arrive on the Isles of Scilly with Johnnie interspersing some questions and prompts. If you follow this link you'll hear the programme that went on air last week with the comments that came back from listeners as well as Johnnie giving my blog a big shout out which was a lovely bonus. There is a shortened version too that you can listen to here

My fifteen minutes of fame was over in a flash, but when Steve and I finally got around to listening to the show over dinner last Sunday it did feel like a walk down memory lane for us. I had to cringe at the moment when I sang (oh dear, I really can't sing), but not only sang, but managed to sing lyrics to a completely different song that I'd referred to. Johnnie thought it was charming and funny and refused to edit it out despite my pleas. The programme showed me as I am, gushing, full of joy and sometimes hurtling off in all sorts of crazy directions. One of the nicest comments that came through on my emails in response to the show was "I love your love for life". Maybe you can find a moment to listen to either version.

I hope you have a lovely week and I'll be back soon!

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Anna x


Still shining!

The huge grin is because every sunny day from here on is a bonus. I apologise to those of you outside of the UK - our default setting is to mention the weather at every possible juncture and is the starting point of any conversation that may be faltering in an awkward social situation. Sun for me means another chance to air yet another summery outfit and this one today was a great bargain.

I paid £9.99 for this vibrant and zingy fine cotton lawn dress which was brand new with the label stating $125. Oh, I do love a bargain! My sandals are from F&F, the belt, broad orange bangle and rings are all pre-loved, necklace too old now to recall and my sunglasses are by Quay Australia.

The cone shaped bracelet is a new addition to my accessories cache - the maker is Jackie Brazil. It's great to find something to wear with my old faithful orange perspex necklace.

I adore the brand name being printed on the fabric.

I'm currently away in Cornwall, so must apologise if the islands are awash with rain in my absence. Today I'll be sitting in the dentist's chair for two very long hours as I start a course of treatment to keep hold of as many teeth as possible as I enter into my 60th year (or is that really my 61st?) - no matter. I'm having work done and it won't be my favourite way to spend time on the mainland. In addition I'm going to be giving a helping hand to Sasha who is returning to the island to live for a while. Another chapter of our lives is about to begin which is always exciting. 

My next post will be at the weekend where I'll be sharing another bit of news... until then, have a great week!
Anna x


Amazing Lace with the 5 Over 50's

Welcome to another edition of our 5 Over 50 monthly style challenge. Jacqui has chosen the topic of Amazing Lace this month. Sadly the group line-up has changed with Ashley stepping down due to other commitments, but the upside is that this has allowed us to usher Hilda into our happy crew. So, without further ado, let's take a peek at my offering...

This skirt was a brand new find in a charity shop during one of my shopping sprees earlier this year. The swing ticket stated £25 but was marked down to £3.99 - ker-ching! I've married it up with this floral lacy top which is so old I can't recall where or when I bought it.

Here's Jacqui of Mummabstylish blog and wow, doesn't she rock this lace dress? Clearly all dressed up with somewhere rather special to go I'd say. You really can't go wrong with black lace can you? The deep v neck and simple necklace emphasise Jacqui's fabulous figure and let's not forget to mention those hot stilettos.

Our host Gail from Is This Mutton is looking wonderfully theatrical in her black lace skirt. Her graveside backdrop looks like an episode from a period drama. I love it, all of it - the setting, lighting and of course the outfit, right down to that saucy bow! I can't wait to read about Gail's inspiration for this stunning ensemble.

Hilda is stepping out in style in her LK Bennett dress with lace sleeve detail. Did I hear that a certain young royal may have copied you with this Hilda? The addition of strappy courts and dark glasses elevates this to celebrity status! See Hilda's blog, Over the Hilda.

Laurie from Vanity and Me always delivers elegance and style, and this month's offering is no different. Chic evening wear is how she's presented her Amazing Lace top, in fact I'd suggest this may be a lace body by the sleek fit. A white Tux and grey tux trousers complete this fabulous ensemble.

This was the perfect opportunity for me to bring out all of my rose gold accessories.

Outfit details - skirt: Zuppe, top: no brand, sandals: Miss KG, heart pendant: Vanilla, rings: pre-loved, watch: Micheal Kors, bangle: Kate Spade New York.

But this isn't quite everything from me. I also styled the skirt with another lace top which only clouded the issue. It's too similar to be featured later on the blog, so here you go - 2 for 1 today! I'm really undecided as to which is the better of these two - which do you prefer?

Outfit details - skirt: Zuppe, top: F&F, shoes: London Rebel, clutch: Primark, perspex ring: gift, bangle: Almost Perfect, brown ring: TK Maxx, sunglasses: Quay Australia.

Do take a moment to visit my blogging friends to see their posts with the stories behind the clothes. Anyway, I think you'll agree that it has been Amazing Lace from all of us. See you soon!
Anna x


It's still summer on the Isles of Scilly!

Yes, I know it's the 1st of September and that many bloggers will already be sporting the latest autumn trends, but I'm not through with summer yet - the sun is still shining down on these blessed isles and I've got a few more outfits I want to share with you before I acquiesce. 

My island life means that I don't often end up near shops at sales times, but I did have a quick trip to the mainland in July and this is one head-to-toe outfit that I snatched up. Sasha (my daughter) is a big fan of New Look, meaning we finally made our way there after I'd scoured my favourites charity shops. The trousers were £5 and the sweet lace top was £7 which is pretty much on par with charity shop prices in this neck of the woods. My gold shopper was a charity shop find earlier in the year and the gold sandals were from TK Maxx, the brand is London Rebel. My gold accessories are all preloved apart from the chain necklace that Sasha gave me last Christmas.

So here's a funny thought that drifted through the tumbleweed of my brain as I stood waiting for Sasha to come out of the changing rooms. You know how these high street stores have a section for youngsters, the 11-15's? Well, I surely can't be the only mum hanging out with her daughter, cash at the ready to give her a treat. Maybe the retailers are missing a trick? Maybe they ought to design a mother's section? We're there, browsing, in the mood for shopping too - why not offer up our own fashion? Crazy idea? Tell me what you think.

I've got a busy few days ahead and will be telling all when I get back next week, but until then I'll be posting again on Monday with the 5 Over 50 group. Amazing Lace is the topic and I'm still dithering as to which lace ensemble I'll be showing. Until then, have a lovely weekend!
Anna x

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