We're open for business again!

Yes, here we go again with another season! On Friday 1st March the Gallery re-opened for business and this was my outfit of the day. No points for guessing where I found this fabulous jumpsuit - Vinted, of course! I've been selling consistently as part of my ongoing clear out and that's given me a bit of a healthy piggy bank with Vinted which helps when I find something as lovely as this.

Sasha introduced me to not only the joys of Vinted over a year ago, but also the Lucy & Yak brand. I'm very grateful to her. My jewellery is all old, the necklace was from Topshop and the rings are charity shopped. The orange stretch belt was from Amazon last summer.

The mustard jacket was a charity shop find from a couple of years ago, the brand is Boohoo. The whole look is very autumnal I know, but these colours do work for me. 

The orange ankle boots are rather fabulous and were from ASOS. I've broken them in over the past year and they're now all-day long wearable, hurrah! I do wonder if this penchant of mine for orange will eventually take over my entire wardrobe and I'll be dressing like a member of Hare Krishna by the time I'm an old dear.

And that pretty much winds things up for this week. I'm busy having training in the workplace as we update our computer systems. The challenge has been made even more, well challenging, given that my trainer is my daughter. Having the tables turned after a lifetime of thinking I can give her the benefit of my knowledge is a very odd situation to find myself in. She's a very bright cookie, as sharp as a knife and a great educator, but golly I'm finding it hard not to feel stressed out by it all. Jointly we're struggling with time pressures amongst everything else, but hopefully by the time I come to report back to you next week I'll be feeling a bit more confident in my skills.

Wishing you a lovely week!

Anna x



  1. I love that Sasha is training you!!!
    You look super. The L&Y suit is really nice. I really like their things. I really like the look of the Alexa trousers and have been tempted by some on Vinted/eBay too but not actually bought any. I'm glad the boots are now wearable- what did you do to break them in?x

    1. Vinted is full of temptations Kezzie, especially the L&Y things! Perserverance was the way forward with the boots - that plus wearing them at home with big socks to stretch them xxx

  2. You look fabulous, Anna! that is a gorgeous floral jumpsuit!

    1. Thanks Sheila. I'm sure I'll get a lot of wear out of it xxx

  3. Oh I live a bit of Vinted. It’s very addictive. Have a super end of the week Anna x


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