New jeans

Hello, and how are you today? Here's a weekend look from me this time. The jeans are a recent purchase and I won't even bother telling you from where... Anyway, I'm really happy with these as a fabulous addition to my wardrobe. I love anything funky and these really do fit the bill!

The fit is high waisted and baggy over the hips and thighs which makes them super comfy and easy to wear, perfect for the weekend when lounging around is top priority. 

The jeans boast every kind of embellishment; from diamante strands and hearts to rough patchwork, bleach splatters and everything in between. It's a retro look that has huge appeal to me. I've cinched the waistband with a bejewelled belt and accessorized with a diamante heart ring, a flower enamel ring and two rose gold bangles - none of them new.

The bright orange jeans jacket is by Forever 21, bought from Vinted, of course. It's a great little jacket that I'm sure will be very handy over the summer months.

One of my go-to pieces this year is a white ribbed bodysuit from Primark. I think I've got three of these, all exactly the same. The best thing about them is the cut around the rear - they don't ride up and are generously cut, almost like granny pants which stay put not matter what I get up to. A thonged bodysuit is my idea of torture!

My new pale aqua sandals with floral and diamante trim are also from Vinted, cost me £5 and were brand new - so an absolute bargain in other words! The insole is padded for comfort - a word I seem to use a lot at the moment.

The rectangular sunglasses are old, from Quay Australia. The gold coloured chain was a purchase from Accessorize last year - it's stainless steel and was advertised as being perfect for everyday wear for swimmers. I've not tested it out as I don't want to find it doesn't live up to the promise.

I was out watching the sunset from this vantage point just above Appletree Bay. We've had a mixed bag of weather recently ranging from scorching sunshine to thick fog with a sprinkling of showers too. I'm making an effort to get out after work and at the weekends to enjoy the lovely weather while it's here.

                                                                              Anna x



  1. I would wear these jeans! They have all the glitter, details and gewgaws a gal could want! Awesome outfit, Anna!

    1. Thanks Sheila and yes, I could easily imagine you wearing these xx

  2. Oh I had some similar, you look so snazzy in them and love the jacket Anna xx

  3. I grew up poor, and every few years when ragged jeans come back into vogue I simply shudder. I did what I could, decorated my old clothes with patches, learned all about thrift shopping , developed a sense of hippie chic....but when these come back I feel bad. Rich people paying a lot for pre-ripped jeans just ....breaks my heart somehow.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and of course they're informed by your past and are completely valid. I too was a make-do and mender as a teenager xx

  4. Do enjoy the good weather on your beautiful island! I love your new sandals they are really delicate and pretty and the orange jacket is going to be a workhorse in your wardrobe!x


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