5th August show night

I'm surely not the only one to be slightly alarmed at the speed we're whizzing along currently. Here I sit, typing away frantically on the 9th about the event on the 5th while I have my mind on the 11th! So let's stop, breathe and just be in the moment.

I've been waiting for months to show you these fabulous new shoes. I bought them in the River Island sale in April when I was in Harrogate and have been keeping them for the right outfit. Fuchsia and red make for a stunning combination don't you think?

My frock is a recent charity shop purchase. The brand is Monsoon and I was delighted to find a dry cleaning label attached meaning I didn't have to undertake that myself. It's a lovely coral colour that works perfectly with the shoes.

 The breeze made for an interesting photo shoot with the majority of the photos being discarded thanks to my lack of fringe - oh how I hate to see my white forehead!

And here are the girls, also battling the effects of the wind. Max, Polly and Heather were on top of things for the evening, making everything run smoothly as usual. Many thanks to them.

The artists featured in this week's show (see here) are Teresa Pemberton, Tom Rickman and Jenny Ulyatt, shown above with her husband. They spent a couple of days on the island winding down after her opening night. Jenny works in watercolours, but with a very fresh, contemporary feel. See the link above to view her work.

Apologies for being brief, but I must head on out for my morning swim now. The sun is shining and there's still a brisk wind blowing, but the sea beckons no matter the weather.

Outfit details - shoes: River Island, dress: Monsoon, necklace: Debenhams, rings: charity shopped, sunglasses: Quay Australia. 
Anna x


5Over50 style challenge - orange is the new black

Welcome to our August edition of the 5Over50 style challenge.This is where one of the fashionable five over 50's choose a theme for us to style and yes, this month we're giving our interpretations of Orange is the new black, thanks to Ashley who's a huge fan of the TV series. My fellow bloggers have all entered into this one with great gusto so let's not shilly-shally any longer...

Here's a taster of what I've offered up -

Never one to be too predictable, I've chosen orange with accent colours of white, blue and lilac along with a sprinkling of metallics to round things off nicely. But more of that later...

Jacqui of Mummabstylish has given us textbook orange in all its glory. I love her long statement necklace that adds an elegant edge to this two piece. See the full story on her post here.

Orange trews, orange bag, orange hat and even orange lippy - yep, Gail has entered into the challenge big time. This casual look suits her down to the ground (no pun intended!) and you can see the whole shebang on her post here.

Laurie is sporting a summer chic style in her orange ensemble and it's pretty stunning to say the least. The pops of colour sing out against her sharp white trousers and white shopper. Visit her blog to get the lowdown here.

Ashley has donned her Orla Kiely tee shirt dress for today's challenge partnered with orange sandals and a cute raffia bag. A picnic must be waiting just off camera, don't you think? Sadly, this is her last post with the group due to work commitments, so do pop over to her blog for the final feature.

These silver glitter socks serve a dual purpose. Firstly they make a fashion statement, whatever that may be - I'll leave you to decide. But secondly, they help ease the rather tight fit of these new sandals which I've had since last summer without managing to stretch. Et viola - today I can!

If you're a regular, you'll have seen this dress before (a purchase from Tu at Sainsbury's from last summer) so I've tried to mix it up a bit with the white and metallic trim belt as well as the socks and mules. For some reason I felt I was channelling Vivienne Westwood the minute I donned this footwear - have I seen her in this combo I wonder, or is it just wacky enough to make me think of her? No matter, I broke the sandals in and they fit much better for having been stretched a bit at last.

Outfit details - dress and sandals: Tu at Sainsbury's, belt: charity shopped, heart pendant: Vanilla Boutique, rings: charity shopped, watch: Michael Kors, sunglasses: Quay Australia.

Linking with - 
Catherine of Not Dressed As Lamb

Anna x


Black trouser challenge 10

And here I am in double figures with this Black Trouser Challenge. Instead of it being difficult as I half expected, this has become a really enjoyable weekly feature. Today I've acted on the suggestions of a couple of bloggers who wish to see a casual twist. Let me know what you think Mary and Jude.

These LA Gear trainers were a recent purchase from TK Maxx. I totally love the colours, texture and pattern of them - so much so, that I did my little happy dance when I tried them on. That would have been fine if I'd been in the changing rooms, but I was on the shop floor being watched/ignored by my daughter. She soon told me to stop as people were watching. I like to be embarrassing at least once each time we're out together, so that got it out of the way for the day.

I had to ham it up a bit to counter the fact that I didn't comply fully with the remit of casual. The black trousers are strictly work wear for me and as such I do have to look semi-smart behind the desk as I serve customers. A tee/sweat shirt would have been more casual, I know, but I could only see me wearing that on a hanging evening (such as this evening, I suppose). Anyway, our photo shoots are first thing in the morning when we catch the morning light before we start the day's work. This is the first time I've ventured out in these with flats of any sort and I was pleasantly surprised that they didn't feel too out of place styled this way. It's given me a couple more ideas along these lines too which is great. And let's not forget that today's outfit brings the cost-per-wear down to £4 which is pretty cool.

Outfit details - trousers: River Island (still available here), top H&M, body: TK Maxx, shoes: LA Gear, bag: Candy Bag, pearls: Almost Perfect, striped ring: gift, brown ring: old.

This is not a sponsored post.

Anna x


Not an outfit, just clothes.

Polly insisted that we do a photoshoot of this, not me. I was in very practical mode on this particular day when I knew that we had a heap to get through at work (a whole lot of cleaning, then packing of artwork in addition to unpacking of more, hanging paintings too, as well as running in and out of the storeroom to recycle vast amounts of cardboard) therefore I couldn't afford to be teetering about in high heels or a tight frock. Hence the non-outfit, just easy trousers, baggy shirt and no jewellery. But Polly wouldn't hear of my protests about this non-outfit. No, it's for the blog this one...

Just think how much it would cost to lay on all of these special effects - background in soft focus, just the right amount of little boats bobbing about in the bay, ample gusts of wind to achieve that oh-so-natual windswept look for my hair - why it would cost a fortune. And to think that Polly and I get this done in under two minutes flat every morning completely unaided, well we're real pro's she and I!

Outfit details - shirt: charity shopped, sandals: picked up in New Zealand, trousers: Stanley Market in Hong Kong (a gift from a friend, thank you again Ben), camisole: Primark, sunnies: Quay Australia.

I'll be back on Friday with the 10th offering of the Black Trouser Challenge (that's provided it stops raining long enough for our shoot) and then on Monday it's time for #5Over50 feature with Orange is the new black. We also open another new exhibition this weekend and I'll showcase my outfit for that a week from now. I fancy that August may well speed by just as July did!
Anna x

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