My new Adidas trouser suit

Hi there! Yes, it's a rather shocking headline from the woman whose 12 month shopping ban isn't over yet, but hang on, this was hubby's birthday present to me last week. Of course, I did give him lots of guidance. No matter, it's beautiful, don't you think?

Best of all, this two piece by Adidas is still on sale on ASOS now - see here. I have a thing about trouser suits and am always on the look out for another to add to my collection. This salmon pink corduroy number caught my eye when I was searching for Christmas presents and I earmarked it mentally for my birthday. I was delighted to find it had been reduced in the sale when I went back to search for it.

The high waisted trousers are great fit for my figure and best of all the fabric has stretch in it too. I couldn't wait to get out in this lovely weather to showcase it. This is me on the ramparts of Blockhouse Castle, but the view down to the beach below looked pretty inviting too...

The jacket is quite boxy, slightly masculine and for me that needed a bit of softening with either frills or lace. I opted for this lace top from Zara with a vest underneath for warmth. 

That's the problem when you set up your camera and tripod on your own. No-one to zoom in or out ...

Suffice to say I was still having fun!

Silver rings and leather belt are all second hand.

I like the ribbon stripes down the side of the trousers. My leather boots by Besson were from TK Maxx (a Christmas present from Steve).

It was glorious on the beach here. So much so, that I went straight home and put my swimsuit on so that I could swim here in the afternoon sunshine. This was on Monday when I think the snow was falling on mainland UK. 

I swam from Cook's Porth to Cradle Porth and back again. See a wee video from the other beach on my Instagram feed here.

My latest project is some sewing (at last). I'm trying to make new covers for my sofa and armchairs, but it's a challenge to say the least. However, you know me, I do like a challenge! In due course I hope to be able to show you the fruits of my labour. In the meantime, I wish you a super weekend.

                                                                                         Anna x


Lounging at Home, our Style Not Age Challenge for January

Hello again! Yes, here we go with our end of the month fashion challenge and this month we're visiting that most popular of trends, Lounging at Home, chosen by Gail this time. I recently featured this topic in my post Lockdown loungewear and therefore had to dig a bit deeper to find another loungewear offering. Anyway I'll tell you all about that later, but first let's see how Gail herself tackled this one...

Gail's two piece is snuggly warm and perfect for a night in front of the TV. She bought this from Mango, but do swing by her blog for the full details - Is This Mutton? 

Jacqui of Mummabstylish is wearing another two piece, this time in animal print which is her outfit of choice for lounging around at the moment. You'll find her here most days, having fun in her newly decorated dressing room - the envy of most fashion bloggers, including me!

Hilda is chilling out in her sporty pair of leggings and crisp white top, finished off with a cool pair of animal print pumps. Do pop across to see more on Over The Hilda

Emma of Style Splash wear joggers from Asda (love that touch of sparkle!) paired up with a starry sweatshirt. Do please take a moment to check out my fashionista friends.

My take on Loungewear is an all in one from ASOS (similar one here). Sasha bought me this for my birthday under my guidance. I love a bit of leopard print and this is a totally glam bit of loungewear in my opinion. I do have a pair of leopard print sheepskin slippers that I meant to include, but by the time I'd set up my tripod and camera I'd completely forgotten about them.

A handful of gold jewellery, none of it new, ramped up the glam factor. My version of Loungewear took on a very Jackie Collins look didn't it? Think racy, perfume laden boudoir and that's more or less it.

The jumpsuit has an elasticated waist for comfort and the sash tie is nice a finishing touch. There's no zip or buttons to fiddle with and the deep V neck is a flattering focal point. The wide legs are another comfort feature too. As I said previously, my go-to loungwear is my flower sprigged velour jogging suit, but I do look forward to wafting around at home in this alternative. I'm not working at the moment, but still haven't actually found much time to lounge around. I've been busy catching up on the home front and do hope to get to do some sewing this week...

Many thanks to those of you who left me a comment on my birthday post yesterday - catch it here if you missed it. I had a fabulous day with Steve taking some shots for the blog, then a very lively swim at lunchtime and finally the kids came down for a roast dinner in the evening. I've had clothes and potions and lots of little bits and pieces as presents. It was a super day and I'm thinking that 63 looks pretty good from here.

                                                                                                  Anna x


63 looks like this!

Yay, it's my birthday!

Yes, this is what 63 looks like on me, and man it feels fine. If this past year has taught me one thing, it's gotta be that we must be grateful to simply be alive. I'm happy to have got this far without contracting Covid19 and with any luck I can stay well until I'm vaccinated. 

If you're a regular reader of mine you'll know that I aim to inspire you, delight and entertain you but most of all pass on my very own version of love and joy. 
I did think about counting through all of my blog posts to see how often I mention the words joy and love, but decided that maybe my time would be better spent just creating today's happy feature.

Dressing up for fun surely has to be my forte and even though it's lockdown3 and I really don't have anywhere to go, well that's no reason for a gal not to don her birthday finery is it? Reusing and recycling at its best, this outfit also pays homage to clothes swapping through the joys of friendship. My friend Sheila (see her blog here) who also lives on an island, but on the other side of the world in Canada, sent me this two tone frock a few years ago which cemented our long distance friendship. I've jettisoned a couple of things in her direction too as we have similar wacky tastes in clothes.

Sporting my ol' favourite sunglasses by Quay Australia along with this toning tribal necklace from Topshop a couple of years ago. 

The mere act of putting on this red petticoat is an instant mood lifter for me which is another cause for celebration today. During the winter months I battle with Seasonal Affective Disorder and use all of the tools in my arsenal to keep myself buoyed up - these being mainly my sea swimming and winter walking, as well as dressing up of course. The big outdoors is a remedy for any kind of depression, acting as a diversion away from the inner self as the mind is drawn outwards to engage with the stunning sights and sounds of nature. Tresco offers a plethora of views and vantage points to stop and stare, to literally breath in the ozone and be amazed at the panorama.  

The only bit of birthday advice from this 63 year old is for you to embrace your own version of joy, be that dancing in the kitchen, completing a 1000 piece jigsaw, walking the dog, doing an on online yoga session or applying a full face of make-up just to go to the supermarket with your mask on - if it makes you happy, then do it! The realities of life can sit heavy on our shoulders if we let it and I for one battle daily to find or create my own little ray of sunshine. I'm so pleased that as I was tinkering with my camera and tripod for these photos that a couple of local girls called out to me from across the field, just to wave and shout hello. The acceptance that this is who I am and what I do and that it's nothing remarkable for me to be out on a Sunday morning dressed like this is a wonderful affirmation. Within a small community we all have a role to play and this, it seems, is mine. What a joy!

The fabulous red petticoat was an eBay find (a long time ago), the red tights are so old that I can't recall the details and the tartan boots were from M&S a couple of years ago.

Rings and elasticated belt are all pre-loved items. 

If this post encourages you to venture out in something wild and wacky, or equally cool and classy or to simply spend time leafing through your wardrobe to seek new inspiration from what lies within, then I'll be happy to have helped you on your way. To my dear friend Teddy who, like so many healthcare professionals, wears scubs to work, then I hope that my loungewear post coming up tomorrow may inspire your downtime too x

I'm linking with Catherine of Not Dressed As Lamb !

                                                                    Anna x


Pattern play on a bright winter's day

Hi there! How's your week going? I've been having a root through my wardrobe to bring out some pieces that deserve a bit of an airing again. There's nothing new here, but that doesn't mean it's not a joy to wear. These sunny colours are just right for a bright winter's day. I took a walk across to the other side of the island and found this little corner out of the wind to set up my tripod for these shots.

I do love a bit of pattern play. The floral trousers were from TK Maxx ages ago (what a delight to find they still fit, especially after the other day when I was bemoaning my rounded tum). The striped top was a sale item from Topshop, back in 2019 I think. And the gold moleskin jacket was from TK Maxx around the same time. 

January is a great month to apply oneself to mixing and matching old items rather than fall prey to the January sales. Take some time to bring pieces together, trying on as you go. I've made some surprising discoveries that way. At the moment I have a vintage pair of flares in tan leather begging to be worn. I put about six different tops out on the bed, some of which still haven't been shown on the blog. By trying them on and mixing these around I've created a great new outfit out of second hand pieces that really reflect my personality so much more than high street clothes ever could. I'll feature that one soon...

I bought the necklace from Topshop at the same time as I bought the sweater, both pieces together cost me £20, result! The two citrine rings were gifted to me by Gemporia way back in 2017 - see that post here. I've just noticed that I have a shopping list written on the back of my hand here - how very glam!

The mock croc silver boots were in the Primark sale for a fiver, ages ago. 

Regular visitors to Tresco will recognise the house behind me here, Nautilus. I was lucky enough to spend the weekend there three years ago as we celebrated my 60th birthday. We had a wonderful time, especially when the family turned up on the way to my ABBA party. If you missed that post you can see it here. 

And talking of birthday's, it's my 63rd on Sunday. I've already taken the photos and do hope you'll join me for that colourful feature. We're lucky enough to have the family around us currently so my day looks like it'll be a good one!

                                                                                       Anna x


Jeans and biker jacket with Furla handbag

Hello again! I've been sooooo blooming busy since my last post, but here I am with all my news. I normally post a feature on Fridays, but that was Sasha's birthday meaning my day was filled with baking and doing the prep for her birthday tea. A lock-down birthday is a bit rubbish isn't it, but I suppose many of you will have had one of those by this stage. We seem to have overcompensated by having three days of special family meals and it really has been great fun for us all. (Death by feeding, is what my husband is calling it actually!) Friday's tea was an old fashioned birthday party with sausage rolls, bacon frazzles, cheese scones, salads, cold meats and cheeses followed by millionaire's shortbread and a magnificent birthday cake created by her cousin Zoe of Bryher Bake Box

Sasha is 32 now and like most mother's I'm amazed at how the time has flown past since those baby days. I loved being a stay-at-home mum, never missing the world of work or the social aspect thereof. 

Seen here with her cousin David who is only 8 weeks older than her, Sasha loved being the big sister to Jamie.

Sash was dog mad from the start, in fact her very first words were "a dog, a dog, a dog!" as her father's gun dogs appeared in front of our window. Sasha is training her own spaniel, Brigg, now - you can follow his progress on her Instagram page here

And so, on to the OOTD, this blue biker jacket and dotty jeans. Like lots of others on lock-down I'm wearing casual clothes most of the time. These jeans by Cosmic Jeans were a charity shop find in 2018 but I've not worn them often. Hipster jeans don't flatter my hourglass shape very well as they seem to accentuate my rounded tummy. Pairing them with my bright blue biker jacket maybe wasn't the best move either as the two barely met in the middle :(  The polo neck sweater is rather ancient as is the leather belt - both are by H&M. My black and white sunglasses are from Quay Australia.

The cute little jelly bag by Furla has been a joyful discovery of late. I seem to have spells where I have a bag of the moment and then they get stored away for months on end. I have the  bigger version of this in yellow and the small one fits inside it meaning I do forget about it in that out if sight, out of mind way. The rings are both pre-loved.

The white leather boots were a Christmas present from Steve. The brand is Besson and they came from TK Maxx. I had a similar pair of white boots (see here), but they fell apart in the autumn, after only a year of wear. I've loved how my shopping desires have been brought into sharp focus since I gave up retail therapy. My wish-lists for both Christmas and birthday (soon) were, and are, so specific and therefore satisfying to receive that their worth seems so much more than ever before. I've found I don't need to browse eBay or retail sites searching for... and that's just it - what are we all looking for? Happiness? Fulfillment? A need to simply have something new? The psychology of shopping is a complex one that's for sure. As I was putting my wish-lists together I discovered that the enormity of choices swamped me if I didn't have an exact thing in mind and it all started to feel rather pointless. As the end of my shopping ban looms large, I find myself wondering what I'll do when it comes.

Thanks for dropping by again. I'll be back later on this week and also on Sunday with my birthday post. Monday the 25th will be our Style Not Age challenge so there's lots to come this week!

                                                                                             Anna x

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