Happy Christmas!

To all my loyal readers and blogging friends, I'd like to say thanks so much for your companionship, comments and support over the past year. It's lovely to have your company and I wish each and every one of you a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year. My festive rituals include making endless batches of fudge to give to family and friends and so I will finish with some snaps of that along with some of my favourite views. I'm going to take a blogging break for a week or so now, and look forward to catching up with you all again in the New Year.

Happy Christmas!
Anna x


Sparkle and shine

Today's offering is my attempt at wearing sequins in a more casual manner. However, I do realise that my default setting is probably a bit more blingy than most, in which case this maybe isn't as dressed down to you as it is to me. The fabulous mini skirt was a purchase in the January sales and this is the first time I've worn it. 

Almost exactly 12 months ago I was just beginning to falter with the first signs of flu. I struggled on until Christmas day when I managed to cook the turkey with all the trimmings, missed the lunchtime drinks at the pub, then almost as soon as we ate I spiralled downhill. By 4pm I was wrapped up in a duvet on the sofa, in denial, still trying to get my money's worth out of the big day. Things continued to deteriorate from there on and days drifted past in a blur of sweat, aches and pains. Eventually I resurfaced, well into the New Year to be greeted by an avalanche of parcels - evidence of my efforts at self medicating and proof of my influenzia delerium shoppingitis (as coined here) - which covered every glittered/sequined anything that you could imagine. Much of it I returned immediately, and many sparkly pieces of finery were placed in a holding pattern until I could get a second opinion. Polly came to visit and this mini skirt was the final item to be discussed. Yes, you'll not be surprised to hear that I was concerned that it was WAY too short for me/someone my age. Thick tights and flat shoes were our joint decision as to how to make this more wearable, so what the heck has happened today? Glittery tights and these brand new boots with fabulous gold high heels are what's happened, because this Christmas I've got a whole lot of catching up to do!

Skirt: H&M, sweater: TK Maxx, boots: New Look, tights, H&M, thermal top: M&S, rings: charity shopped, sunglasses: Quay Australia.
Anna x


Ping-Pong Post no 10

Hello and welcome once again to this monthly feature as you join me and my friends Samantha of Fake Fabulous  and Ann of Kremb de la Kremb in our style challenge where we send our clothes ping-ponging around the world to each other. There's no discussing what we're planning or how it's going, so for us it's also a great surprise to see what the item of the month has spawned. Edition 10 sees us all getting nicely into our strides with this offering for the party season, very nicely I'd say, and in case you don't know how this little venture started off, follow the link here. And with that I'd suggest we take a look at Ann and her rather fabulous sequined top.

Ann's Christmas styling is grown-up elegance; chic and understated (if sequins can be understated). The black cape and trousers constitute a contemporary trouser suit - loving those flares Ann - and her choice of pink clutch ties in with the top as well as adding another feminine touch. And just in case there wasn't enough Christmas sparkle, she's finished the look with these silver glittery pumps. Viola, perfection! 
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Details -
Earrings--Les Néréides (after Christmas splurge last year when Santa didn't bring them... Hehehe!)
Evil Eye Necklace--Science Technology Market in Shanghai
Top--very old from a mall boutique shop in Caracas, Venezuela
Cape--Forever 21
Trousers--Forever 21
Bow Clutch--HM via a swap
Pumps--Kate Spade via Poshmark

Samantha has taken the very classic route with this satin maxi skirt and little fur jacket to accompany the array of colours in the spangly top. She's added a cute mini clutch too, and the pop of colour from those dazzling, green metallic shoes matches perfectly with the sea colours of the top. Cinderella will indeed go to the ball!
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Details -
Skirt: Vintage (I found it in a charity shop for a pound…yes, a POUND!!)
Top: Annie’s!
Shoes: Martha Johnson (Found in Tkmax’s bargain shelf for a tenner!)
Bag: Tkmax
Earrings: Asda

Whilst my two gorgeous blogging friends have managed to look elegant and composed, my default setting seems to be full on laughter at one of Polly's jokes. Yes, this photo shoot was taken way back in September when she and I were able to take advantage of the late summer evening at our local beach bar.

It's not often that we come up with the same styling, but like Ann I too created an evening trouser suit with the help of these harem pants and my silver grey tuxedo. I much preferred the look without the jacket though to show off the super sparkly top. Polly loved it that my mocktail reflected the colours of the sequins. My item of note has to be the fantastic Jimmy Choo's which were a leaving gift from a previous assistant, Linda who worked for me quite a few years ago. I happened to bump into her on my last visit to Truro which was a lovely surprise. Linda is currently back at college studying art, fulfilling a lifelong dream of hers. 

Details -
Jacket: Whistles (old)
Trousers: Costume Nemutso
Top: Ann's
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Rings and bangles: charity shopped/gifts
Handbag: old

My next post will be on Friday where I'm going to see if I can style sequins a bit more casually perhaps - is that possible? Please join me to see how that goes.

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Anna x


leopard print and velvet

These next couple of weeks are the best ever for bringing out the sparkle without looking the least bit out of place. My wardrobe is pretty well stocked with sequins, lurex, velvet and metallic shoes of every hue, all primed for stepping out over the festive season. But before I go any further I'll let you know that my outfit for Friday's party was the blue dress. I spent most of the day thinking I was going to wear my Friday's suggestion see here. It was only on Friday evening when I saw a TV presenter wearing a red sequin dress that I realised how effective that simple shape with a riot of sequins could look. It's about perspective sometimes isn't it? I was too close to see how lovely this was I suppose. Anyway I paired it up with the shoes and bag from the other outfit and bang, that was my party outfit. I went along with Kate, my utterly gorgeous niece and we had a lovely evening. Sorry Judy, for the lack of photos but my camera was at home on charge!

Friday was also Christmas Jumper Day here in the UK, a great fundraiser event in aid of Save the Children. The workforce from the island is encouraged to don their best Christmas jumper for a photo shoot followed by donations to the cause accompanied by all sorts of delicious cakes and mincepieces. 

If you're having problems finding me, just follow the ladies striking a pose in the name of blogging and I'm to the right - thanks gals for entering into the spirit of things!

Today's outfit is a mixture of old and new. The new, being these beautiful velvet trousers which come from F&F at Tesco's in the recent sale for only £9 and the old being this gold lurex cardigan which is so old I can't recall where I bought it. My sister Sandra gave me the lovely silk blouse which ties in with all of the luxurious fabrics. The gold loafers are from New Look (old), the rings too are old/charity shopped and the sunglasses are from Quay Australia.

Tuesday will be the 20th of the month and therefore time for another edition of Ping Pong Post. The festive item being styled is a fabulous sequined top from Ann in Hong Kong and I do hope you'll come back to see how we did.

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Anna x


And yet more sequins...

Sequins yes, but not as you may have expected. Well, I wouldn't be me if I didn't deliver something a bit different, would I? This outfit channels the rock chick in me, but more than that, it also feels so blooming good thanks to trousers which fit like a dream, paired with boots that definitely put the ROCK into rock chick. It's a huge contrast to last year's party fare as seen here, but I think that's why I've been showcasing all of these other outfits: it's time for a change, but which me should I be this year? 

The sequins don't show their true colour in the sunlight - they're actually silver, yellow and rose gold on a black backdrop. 

I fancy that today's outfit may need me to convince you in it's favour. So firstly; paisley pattern is one of my all time favourites and when you add to that a liberal sprinkling of gold thread as well, then these trousers are pretty much top dog; next comes the dash of leopard print to give a funky edge, not to mention the fun of pattern clashing; finally, the top may look a bit dark or even blue/grey, but the fact is it's actually silver and gold and looks much more stunning in real life, matching the tone of the trousers and boots really well. A change in plans mean that I'm now attending the party without my husband as he's having to make a unexpected trip to the mainland. I'll tag along with some girlfriends instead, but this means I don't feel quite so bold about being all dolled up on my own. This, the most casual of all of the outfits, may feel more comfortable. (Casual = 4inch heels and metallic coloured sequins. Welcome to my world!)

The thing that can be said about all of my sparkly outfits is that come the summer months I'll be hosting my gallery exhibitions again which will afford me ample opportunity to dress up with all the glitz and glam not looking the least bit out of place. Whatever doesn't make the grade tonight can have it's debut in a few months time.

Details - trousers and top: H&M (old), boots: Michael Kors, handbag: charity shop, sunglasses: Quay Australia, necklace: Dorothy Perkins, rings and bracelet: old.
Anna x


Gold sequins, gold heels

Sunday's blue sequin dress was really well received, so much so that I feel a bit nervous about today's outfit. All of this week's outfits were captured in the same photo shoot, and I must admit that this one was my favourite. It felt more elegant, less over-the-top-party-animal I suppose. Friday's offering is very different again, but let's not get ahead of ourselves shall we?

I really like the slightly underplayed look of this ensemble (yes, gold sequins and gold heels are indeed underplayed in my world). It's still sparkly with some sequins on the top and clutch as well as obviously on the skirt, but doesn't feel as loud as the blue dress (see it here). It's more age appropriate I suppose, which is a first for me, as I can't really say that dressing for my age comes into my head very often. I wear what I like, because I like it and hope that sense of liberation comes across. As long as I feel comfortable in what I wear, I don't mind what anyone thinks. Life's too short for those kind of worries. (Yes, I'm aware that I do share my self doubts with you from time to time, but that usually ends up being my crazy body dysmorphia rather than actual clothes angst.)

And there you have it. Friday brings the last get up, and on Friday evening the party itself, so goodness knows if you'll have time to drop by to cast your final vote before I don my glad rags and take the party by storm. 

Details - skirt: H&M (sold out), top: TK Maxx, shoes: Primark, handbag: charity shop, necklace: unknown: sunglasses: Sainsbury's, rings: old.
Anna x

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