Another shot of colour this week!

Hello again! I missed showing you this outfit a few weeks ago, so am going to share it with you today. The swirly psychedelic maxi dress was a Vinted purchase, bought because I love all of these colours together plus it goes so well with my current favourite Dr Marten boots.

My orange jeans jacket is a great extra layer and works beautifully with this palette too. The brand is Forever 21 and once again was from Vinted. I love the crop length with the dress.

The orange stretch belt was from Amazon - it's perfect for adding a bit of definition to the shirtwaister. I wore an orange tee shirt underneath the dress as it was a day of mixed weather so this gave me an extra layer of warmth at the start of the day.

I love how the dress and boots works so well together!

There's nothing new with my jewellery; two perspex rings, shark's tooth pendant and River Island sunglasses are all old.

My thanks to Fiona who joined me for an after work session of walking and blog photography. We always manage to have a laugh and it's usually at my expense! Thanks for joining me and look forward to seeing you again soon!

                                                                    Anna x


What a lovely surprise!

Apologies my dear friend for not showing up last week, but life overtook me and some things just had to give... But hey, I'm back and want to share this fabulous top/tunic/mini dress which landed on my doorstep the other day. It's come from a friend who I complimented when she wore it to a drinks party recently in the Gallery. I feel bad that I laid it on so thick about it being exactly my colours and how we could maybe timeshare it...

Anyway, just the other day I had a card from Nicky telling me I had a parcel on the way and bang, here it is! It is indeed just my colours and is a perfect summer addition to my wardrobe and, I hasten to add, it's not her one, but a brand new one that she's sent me. I ironed it and put it on at end of the day to capture these shots down on Pentle Bay just as the tide was coming in. There was a light breeze, but it was a glorious evening and a joy to get outside at the end of the day.

I paired the tunic with my old Boden trousers and didn't that work well. The tunic is by At Last... a brand I've never heard of before and it's called the Annabel Cotton tunic - I can't find this colourway, but here's a fabulous orange paisley version. Did you check it out? If you did you'll understand how guilty I feel at being sent such an extravagent gift - all because I was so cheeky!

I added one pink and one orange perspex ring along with a gold coloured chain and Radley sunglasses as my simple accessories.

As I moved further along the beach the cloud dispersed and the wind dropped whereupon I decided to shed my trousers and try this as a beach dress.

I do like it worn like this - what do you think? It might be the perfect beach cover up for my boating trips too. Talking of which, our boat is on the water and we've already had our first trip to the Eastern Isles, so all that hard work over the past two summers has at last paid off!

And that pretty much rounds it up for me this time. I'm trying hard to keep a good work/life balance, but as ever it's a challenge for me. Some people seem to have nailed it by the time they get to my age, but I'm still running around like a scalded cat some days and having to take to my bed straight after dinner at other times. Thank you for coming back to see me, I do appreciate your company.

Have a super week!
Anna x

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