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Just in case you've dropped in for a progress report...

My travels continue apace and currently I'm in the pretty seaside town of St Andrews having a lovely bit of R&R with my sister. If you'd like to see where I've been and what I've been doing, then click here to see my Instagram page for all the latest news.

I'm having great fun with friends and family and am busy making plans for more travelling soon. Exciting times ahead!

Anna x

Anna meets...Philonena

It's been a while since I've run this feature, but I'd say it's been worth the wait as today I meet Philonena who was visiting the island during the Cider Festival in June. Her partner organised the music for the weekend. He was so pleased that I wanted to interview Philonena as he's very proud of her taking such care over her appearance and stepping out in style.

Anna: What brings you to this tiny island?

Philonena: My partner, Mike arranges gigs for the 59 Ford Band in the West Country.They play here at the Inn every year, mostly 50's/60's music as well as rock 'n' roll led by the singer, Phil who is a friend of ours.  This is my first visit to the Isles of Scilly and it's been lovely out here by the sea - it's very different to a normal gig. 

Anna: Do you like to dance?

Philonena: Yes, I love to dance. Mike and I like to jive and dance to rock 'n' roll as well as any kind of good music. 

Anna: Do you have a style icon who has influenced you?

Philonena: Audrey Hepburn. 

Anna: Would you like to tell my readers how old you are?

Philonena: I'm 67.

Anna: You have amazing skin for a woman of your age. What's your secret?

Philonena: I use oil on my skin rather than cream, but think my Mediterranean genes play a part too.

Anna: Where's home for you?

Philonena: I'm half Maltese, but have lived in Bristol since I was 15. I was born in Yorkshire and have lived in Cornwall amongst other places. 

Anna: Do you dress like this every day?

Philonena: Yes, I love 1950's dresses and wear them every day.

Anna: You've recently had a tattoo. Tell me about it.

Philonena: It's a very unique image, and not one I want to share as it's a one-off. It's based on me in a Union Jack dress in a 1950's style. I had it done on the inside of my arm so that it's not on show, but is there for me to see and enjoy. The tattooist had to use a extremely fine needle to achieve such a delicate image. 

Anna: What keeps you young?

Philonena: Music and dancing with my special partner keeps me young. We love going out and having holidays together.

Thank you Phee, it was an absolute pleasure to meet you!

One other thing that Philonena and I chatted about was her motivation for dressing as she does. She was keen to get across the fact that she doesn't dress for anyone else, but herself. This is who she is, not who she's trying to be, and I understand that completely. She is quite shy and reserved and is keen for me to see that she doesn't dress like this as a way of showing off. Philonena has a strong sense of self that's not reliant on society's approval - that's a great message for women of all ages, don't you agree?

Anna x

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