Recycled fashion, our May Style Not Age Challenge

Hello again and welcome to this month's challenge with my blogging friends as we present our Style Not Age challenge for May. Recycled fashion is the topic this time, as chosen by yours truly which I thought was very fitting given my love of charity shopping. So without further ado let's see what the ladies made of my suggestion shall we?

Jacqui of Mummabstylish has been tied up with a family wedding this weekend, but has still found time to put a post together. Her offering is an M&S dress with a story behind it, so do skip across to see exactly what ...

Emma features a denim jacket, gifted from a girlfriend which she has customised with patches and badges - see more of this over on her blog Style Splash.

It's another denim jacket from Hilda of Over The Hilda with hers being a charity shop find paired up with this cool maxi dress borrowed from a girlfriend. See more of this plus the update from Hilda regarding her TV debut - quick, get over there to see it!

My recycled fashion comes in the shape of this fabulous blue suit that I bought recently in a charity shop in Truro. It has no label, but the tailoring is top notch making me wonder if it's a sample suit. I found it in the ladies section, but when I took it to the tiny changing room to try it on, why the shoulders of the jacket nearly filled the space! It's either a very small men's suit or is a wonderful 80's piece. Whichever, I don't mind as I think it's rather sexy. Sexy for me isn't about cleavage or thigh skimming skirts, no it's about that feeling an outfit imbues and this is cool and sexy to my mind.

The bright pink chiffon top adds that feminine touch to this masculine suit. The blouse is by Shubette Separates and is a vintage piece. I've done a search on the Internet and most of these pieces are coming up as 1940's. 

Steve and I nipped into the Abbey Garden at the end of the day for our photo shoot. I love the drama of this blue bridge and thought it would be a great backdrop for my blue and pink ensemble. The only problem was the combination of my silver boots, or rather the stiletto heels and the gaps in the planks of wood - I kept on getting stuck!

Another recycled item is my monochrome clutch. I've had it for a couple of years but it got lost at the back of my closet. Not a bad find for a couple of quid, eh?

The rose gold belt is another charity shop piece - £1.99 for this one.

Both rings are recycled but the rose gold bangles are new - the one with the knot is by Kate Spade and the other was from the gift shop at The Barbican when we stayed there in 2017. See the post here.

More rose gold by way of these Guess sunglasses and the ripple rose gold pendant was from a small boutique in St Andrews when I was there in January.

I think you may well be seeing this outfit again, perhaps for one of my summer exhibitions this year. The silver Buffalo boots add an edge to the look which says more than summer sandals (I tried those and couldn't find anything that worked as well) so it may have to be a complete re-run. But surely that's the point of good fashion? We ought to wear and wear something we really love which is the complete antithesis of fast fashion isn't it? I do hope you've enjoyed our Recycled Fashion feature today - maybe you'll drop in again ...

Wishing you a fabulous week!

Anna x


Throwback to summer

It may be January outside, but in blogland it can be any month I choose and today I pick 6 months ago when the sun shone and we were revelling in the glory of summer. My daughter Sasha had come home for a long weekend and we had lunch out, followed by a walk to the Abbey Garden. 

This view from the Ruin Beach Cafe is one of my favourites on the whole island. When I first arrived here (some 38 years ago) for a summer season, I worked at the Island Hotel which was situated just behind this building. I was employed as a chambermaid in those days, and spent far too much time gawping at the views from every bedroom window - I truly thought I'd died and gone to heaven! The jetty to the right is where I met the young royals last autumn see here. Beyond that is a tiny row of cottages where my husband grew up and on the top of the hill is The Old Blockhouse castle - read about its history here. The view across the bay takes in St Martin's on the left and beckoning in the distance directly ahead are the Eastern Isles, an outcrop of uninhabited islands that are the perfect escape for for a day out with a picnic and swimsuit.

Sasha loves coming home to wind down and let the island work its magic. 

A day off work in the summertime means chilling in something comfortable which these casual trousers certainly are. I found them in a charity shop in New Zealand a couple of years ago. The handbag is also from New Zealand, a gift from my friend Suzie who used to live here but has moved to that much larger (South) island now. The sandals are old, the tee shirt was from a charity shop last summer and the sunglasses are by Quay Australia. My jewellery is an assortment of gifts and thrifted pieces and my rose gold Darci watch is by Michael Kors.

The Abbey Garden draws thousands of visitors to the island every year and this small montage gives you a taster of what's on offer. Gardener Emma is in charge of all of the floral displays within the Abbey itself. I love this photo. It shows not just the idyllic surroundings, but captures a natural, joyful moment in time. For more details about my island home, holiday offers and where to stay click here

Anna x

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