Friday fun

Yay, it's Friday! And this was a rather lovely Friday with Polly as the autumn sun shone down on us. We had nothing in particular to laugh about, apart from the fact that I always speak and she always tried to shut me up - very good of her too, as my speaking face is not in the least photogenic! My dear assistant and brilliant photographer extraordinaire is currently packing for her trip to New Zealand, an event that is pretty much a bolt out of the blue for her. Within the space of a week, she's had an invite to join a friend on the South Island, has been to the travel agents, booked her flights, and is now frantically shopping, flapping and packing, ready for the off on Tuesday. I hope to goodness she comes back!

The brand new geometric print swing dress is from H&M (sim) but was a find from one of my favourite charity shops in Truro. Across the road and round the corner in TK Maxx was where I came across the fabulous stud encrusted jacket by Michael Kors (this one is equally fabulous). It weighs a ton, well maybe not a ton exactly, but you get what I mean. It was so heavy in fact, that I had to post it home to myself. It was February and I was on my way to London, en route to our cruise, and couldn't take it with me as I didn't have enough luggage allowance left to pack it. My leopard print brothel creepers from Office are a bit bashed up after a year of wear and tear, but I still love 'em. The brass bangle is by Almost Perfect, rings are old, and sunglasses are by Quay Australia.

Have a wonderful trip Polly!
Anna x


Check out these beauties!

Gotta be brief today, am in a bit of a rush. Will counter this by showing you these phenomenal palazzo pants - oh I do love  a bit of alliteration! These beauties were a bargain find in the New Look sale a few years ago for a snip at £5. I had to reline them as the lining was a bit clingy and now are so very flowy and whooshy, that they make a lovely swishing sound as I waltz about in them. I feel like a schooner in sail (is that what I mean?) as they flow about beautifully. Enough chat, now some snaps.

Must dash as I've got lots to do and so very little time to do it in! The top was a gift, trousers from New Look, but nothing similar currently, shoes were from New Look (similar). Rings are charity shopped, green pearls are from Almost Perfect, my perfect rose gold watch is by Michael Kors and rose gold bangle is from Kate Spade New York.

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Thanks to you all for joining me and taking the time to sit down and read this waffle of mine. I do enjoy your company, your feedback and seeing my readership grow. My aim is to inspire you to venture into the world of colour, to entertain you, and engage you in this lovely life of mine. Wishing you a great week ahead and I look forward to meeting up with you again soon.
Anna x


Black, totally black.

I know I recently published a post claiming to be wearing only black (see here), but I cheated by adding a splash of orange. So here we have the real thing. Black from top to toe. A lick of orange lippie is all I've added to lift this monochrome outfit. I usually find an all black look very boring, or draining at least, but today I decided to give it a whirl again.

As you'll see I'm still smiling, so it surely wasn't too painful after all. I will interject, though, that despite being a simple black outfit, the look is far from plain. My skirt is by Fahri, of Nicole Fahri and therefore never to be mistaken for run-of-the-mill. See the beautiful flower detail below and you'll get what I mean.

I bought this from eBay a couple of years ago, but when it arrived I wasn't convinced it was very me. And yet today it feels very me indeed. By pairing it up with this ruffled blouse I felt the two were pretty much a marriage made in heaven. The skirt is cotton lawn, so in principle is very fine and light, but the flowered appliques make the hemline have a lovely, weighty swish. The cotton poplin blouse was a gift from a friend and is such a great fit, very long and slim, with a zip up front and adorned with these uber feminine ruffles and frills. 

The gold coloured cuff is actually brass and is by Almost Perfect. The gold edged ring was from Boots recently and cost me the princely sum of £1. And the perspex ring was a gift.

Shoes are from New Look. I love the laser cut holes and the angled front gives a great easy roll when you walk. And my old faithful sunglasses are by Quay Australia.

Good ol' Polly has brought on a fit of the giggles again. 

OK, you've caught me out here. Yes, this smidgen of pink crept into the mix as I was looking for a necklace. It's a new purchase of mine from the Emily Nixon range of silver jewellery which is a mainstay of her range. The silver hearts come with a velvet ribbon - I've got a grey and a pink ribbon to swap around. I love the rough organic nature of the silver and had the hard decision between the large size, which this is, or a smaller, but equally cute one. 

So there you have it, my all in black finally achieved. I think for me black in the depths of winter is a real challenge as I'm so very pale skinned, but sporting a bit of a tan the colour is not so draining. I'm really pleased with this outfit and can see I'll be wearing it again over the forthcoming months. Maybe with a pair of colourful sandals next time and my bright orange necklace? We'll wait and see. Your feedback is welcome as ever and I'd be delighted to have your ideas for my monthly feature "As suggested by..." so do share your thoughts on that one too. Until next time, 'bye!

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