JD Williams does Christmas!

Hello and welcome to my slightly premature Christmas card shot!
(From left to right are Kath, Annie, Katie, Jenny and Savi.)

I'm totally thrilled to be involved in the JD Williams Christmas campaign with my JDW friends. These ladies have become a great new addition in my life. They also became my very first WhatsApp group which wasn't without its teething problems I can tell you! Our new found friendship has grown from our mutual delight at being chosen for this project. The initial "Who'd have thought?" and "Can you believe it?" messages have now been replaced more recently with "Well done!", "Have you seen...?" and "Don't we all look fab?". It's lovely to have this supports system with a common bond and understanding.

This Christmas Day look has me still toying with the idea of a second pair of these Meghan trousers which I bought in the cobalt version last month (see here). They do them in red, green and black but I can't decide between the red and the green. My new M&S tartan boots would work with either colour I'm sure, which is what's making the choice so darned difficult. What do you think? See the boots in question here

My party look is the Glitter Bardot top, Joanna Hope Jacquard Metallic Prom skirt and Rose gold sandals. These are a wide fit which was heaven. Filming took hours with lots of standing around in the interim and I wore these without flinching or needing to take them off. Definitely worth considering for dancing at the Christmas bash! If you can't wait to see the commercial live on TV you can catch it at the end of the blog. My party outfit details are also featured on the JDW blog. It's all rather surreal writing this, as is the fact that another rash of JDW magazine ads are out in the Christmas issues. See both the December Good Housekeeping and Prima for coverage of the campaign along with little ol' me. (Me in magazines and on TV is something I'd never have contemplated on my 60th birthday and now look at things!)

This larking about shot is one of my favourites, which will be no surprise to my regular readers. I love to have a bit of fun, especially in front of the camera, so this looks much more naturally me. Katie and I are both up for a bit of messing about, although she's the consummate professional and can deliver the perfect shot in the blink of an eye (she does a lot of work on TV commercials which is hardly surprising given her beautiful English Rose looks, so keep your eye out for her). Working with these women was fabulous and all the more so thanks to the wonderful team that turned us into the glamorous versions of ourselves. 

This is my make-up story board. With these iconic beauties to aspire to I was ever hopeful for the transformation ahead.

And this is my hair story board, again nothing to complain about here!

Hair, nails and make-up were all lovingly attended to which is a great treat. Each hair stylist or make-up technician is a perfectionist and that's so lovely to be on the receiving end of as they are such experts. Being done to, handing over that responsibility allows for a lovely stress free time, where you can just relax and enjoy the pampering. But also, all the team were ready for a chat if that's what you wanted. As this is our second time around we've gotten to know everyone and it's just like meeting old friends when they ask about family/travel details/bothersome skin issues - nothing is off limits!

So (fingers crossed) here's the new Christmas advert. If this doesn't work then just click onto the link here which will take you to the website where you'll definitely be able to see it. 

I'll revisit the JD Williams filming experience later this month with more of the behind the scenes footage and hopefully by then you'll all have seen the TV advert too. Have a super week everyone - I'll be back soon!

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