My new Batoko Swimsuit

Hello lovelies!

We've had a mixed bag of weather this week, but on Monday and Tuesday Fiona and I skipped off to the beach after work to make the most of the sun and high tide on Cradle Porth. This was Tuesday's swimming suit, a recent purchase from the eco brand Batoko who recycle plastic to create these eye catching cossies.

You'll find the Puffin swimsuit here. These delightful little sea birds can be seen on the Isles of Scilly at this time of year, although you'll need a boat trip out to the far outcrops of rocks to see them. Seemingly they migrate by late summer, but I'm not sure to where.

As a wild swimmer the state of the sea obviously matters hugely to me; I'm so lucky to swim in these clean, clear waters that surround the Isles of Scilly, but even here we have plastics and other waste wash up on on shores albeit to a much lesser degree than most coasts. Batoko is a small relatively new business who are endeavouring to raise marine awareness and also play a part in regenerating our underwater sealife. Find out more on their website here.

The swimsuit is a great shape with a medium high leg and also a back that covers the dreaded waist roll. The material is firm and very figure flattering. And of course the Puffins are adorable!

Summer has arrived and my daily swims are not the same chilly challenge as they were 6 months ago when I was plunging into the icy sea in my favourite cove. The arrival of some purple jellyfish are another sign that the sea temperature is rising; little purple globe ones and huge lilac ones with long wispy tendrils the same colour as my cossie were wafting about in the tide as we swam out towards the boats this evening.

The odd mild insult is exchanged between photographer and her model.

And this was the post-swim vista as we enjoyed our hot flasks. Tresco island is looking pretty tropical eh?

Anna x


Another burst of colour

Hurrah, it's Friday! How are you? I'm ready for some down time that's for sure. The season here is drawing to a close and golly I'm looking forward to having a break. It's been a weird summer for all of us hasn't it? 

Last weekend Fiona and I took ourselves off to the other side of the island and had fun taking these shots around Old Grimsby at Raven's Porth beach. 

I'm continuing my theme of colour therapy today, this time using Emerald green to lift and energise my mood. I've created a suit using this cute little green jacket with round collars and 3/4 length sleeves paired with these rather outrageous leather joggers. The jacket is second hand and the trousers were from TK Maxx.

My favourite Quay Australia sunglasses always add a dash of glamour to an outfit.

Black and green make a great contrast, giving a sharp look to the outfit of the day. I added this bejewelled bag to inject a bit of sparkle to the otherwise flat colours. The bag is in the shape of a turtle - you can see the gold feet and head. I found this in a boutique when I was in St Andrews a couple of years ago while visiting my sister. The round shape is big and spacious and is perfect for stashing a spare pair of shoes in as well as all of the obvious!

I'm wearing my much loved Vivienne Westwood orb pendant along with these charity shopped rings. The black ribbed polo neck with gilt buttons is a long standing mainstay of my winter wardrobe. It was great charity shop find many years ago and just seems to wash and wear without showing signs of age. (Oh how I wish I could say the same about me, hahaha!)

It's a joy to have brought these patent leather cuban heeled boots back into play again! These were from Topshop, last year I think.  I came across them in the sale - they were the last pair on the shelf and luckily in my size! I'll try to limit the times I wear them on the blog, but honestly in real life I wear them lots. They're all day comfortable as well as looking sooooo cool!

The backdrop and I are vying for attention here. Behind me is the view out towards St Martin's and the Eastern Isles, one of my favourite summer escapes. 

Those of you who know Tresco will recognise this as the gateway into the newest rental property on the island. Fiona and I played fast and loose around there, making the most of the pretty surroundings. The Lighthouse is in a wonderful setting, right on the shoreline and the interior of the large beach house is finished to the highest of standards. See here for more images and details about this amazing addition to the island's cottages. 

We enjoyed the vacant possession of the property for a couple of hours, reveling in the house and its incredible views. Oh how the other half lives! You'll see this backdrop crop up again over the next couple of months as I showcase some other outfits. What great fun we had!

                                                                         Anna x

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