That Friday feeling

Hello again! Yes, this is me, giving a big sigh of relief for that Friday feeling. Not popping corks or doing somersaults, simply sitting for a moment, taking in the view and being grateful. 

The days seem to be rattling past as August gets into full swing. The Isles of Scilly are thronging with visitors and we're all working flat-out to provide the premium holiday experience that our guests deserve. But golly, I'm flagging all of a sudden. Lunchtime walks and morning swims have been dropped for the first time ever as I struggle to find enough energy for work alone. But I'm not too worried as I know this will be short-lived. In no time at all it will be September and the frenetic pace will soon be a thing of the past. Tempus fugit eh?

Today's work outfit is a new combination again. The dress was from TK Maxx when I was away in May, but this is the first time to be shown on the blog. The brand is Feather and Bone, not one that I've come across before, but the frock is a pretty floral pattern of black, brown, pink and yellow mainly and the fabric is polyester and elastane which gives it a lovely bit of stretch.

The drop waist style is flattering and comfy too. I've added a net underskirt and my plaid Converse boots to give an edgy look as I worry that maxi dresses can be a bit frumpy if you're a woman of a certain age.

The petticoat was a charity shop find and the Converse were from TK Maxx, some time ago.

I would say that the best thing about this frock is the wash and wear aspect of it. I've not had to iron it between wears or after washing, hurrah! What busy working woman wouldn't be thrilled with that? Jewellery today is a smokey quartz and silver necklace from Emily Nixon (many moons ago) along with a couple of charity shopped rings. My cool sunglasses are from Quay Australia - surprise, surprise!

I'll leave you with a playful whoosh of the frock, just to show you that I'm not completely done yet!  Thanks for dropping by. I know we're all so busy at this time of year and I have very little expectations from my readers to spend time leaving comments or even to visit at all. I appreciate you swinging by and I do hope you're having a wonderful summer!

                                                                                          Anna x

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