How can I follow that?

How can I follow that? That being the last post of mine, celebrating my 7th year of blogging (see here). The only way I suppose is to keep moving forward, showing you the outfit of the day, another work outfit, captured by my blogging photographer Fiona. 

We were suddenly caught just as a heavy shower of rain appeared on the horizon turning the blue into grey. As the camera started to flash in response to the darkening sky, tiny specks of rain fell onto my sunglasses making the whole idea of a photoshoot seem absurd. How crazy we might have looked had anyone been on the road. Luckily there seemed to be some important football match or other on TV meaning that we were more or less alone. Fiona snapped frantically as I described the scene that was unfolding behind her, laughing at the ridiculousness of it all.

Two tiny figures in the distance were paddling like fury on their SUP boards, trying to make it to land before the blustery weather hit them. Be quicker, click faster, I urged Fiona as the curtain of rain enveloped the figures and headed towards us.

But, let's focus for a moment on the outfit, shall we? The cream linen dungarees are new, from Tesco, £25. I predict that these will be a wonderful easy-to-wear basis of many a summer outfit. My bookend look happened when I found a top that is the same coral colour of my new Guess trainers, from TK Maxx. Comfort is the name of the game here, perfect for my long work days ahead.

These slip-ons are a dream to wear. Not as formal as some of my footwear, but for the days when I'm scooting up and down ladders hanging paintings and moving art into the storeroom they're perfect. Increasingly I'm opting for trainers in the workplace purely for the practicality of them. 

My Topshop tribal necklace picks up the colours to match with this outfit and I've added a couple of chunky rings to finish the look off. My rather ancient sunglasses are by Accessorize.

And there it was, our two minute photo shoot! We both retreated home to dry off and enjoy our evening. I wonder if we ought to have a time limit set on these sessions more often? 

                                                                                     Anna x


A day off means a day out

A couple of weeks ago Sasha and I spent the afternoon at the Tresco Abbey Garden which is only about half a mile from home. The weather couldn't have been better making the surroundings look as if it were a summer's day rather than just a week after the snow.

I seem to have chosen my outfit to outshine the flora, but really it was more a matter of something comfortable for a day off work. The jeans are a recent purchase from TK Maxx - they were in the wash when I did my Show and tell post (for the beady eyed amongst you). The jacket was a gift from my blogging friend Sheila of Ephemera and this is the first time I've worn it on the blog. Thank you my dear for this pop of colour and pattern that is so very me!

I bought these shoes last summer and yet this is the first time they've been out of the house. I knew that the navy would be great with jeans and maybe I was just needing to find the right pair to showcase them. 

I've been trying to find a great pair of embroidered jeans with beading for ages and was really pleased to find these at the bargain price of £15.99. Sparkles too are an added bonus.

Just as there will be someone out there asking what kind of flowers these are, I know that there will also be someone very keen to tell me the name too. Please can you share the name before someone asks me? Cheers!

Every time Sasha and I do this day out we always say we must do it more often. Maybe this year we will now that she's home for a while. There are lots of lovely little corners that act as sun traps within the garden and we felt very chilled by the time we sauntered home.

I'm gonna make a stab at these ones and say they're Camellias - right? 

The gardening gene seems to have passed me by, but I still enjoy seeing this lush and varied garden teaming with flowers and sculptures. The plants and trees have been collected from all over the world and thrive in the mild climate we have here thanks to the gulf stream which washes past the islands. Cruise ships stop here throughout the summer months, bringing visitors who come especially to see these world famous gardens. When you consider that the island itself is only one mile by two, it really is teaming with things to do. Will I be seeing you soon?

Anna x

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