Applique and lace

I promised you bare legs and summer outfits for as long as possible, and so here we have another September offering. I love peach and aqua, I love lace, and a bit of applique can't do any harm either. As a mid-week outfit I'm pleased with the overall look, especially with the shoes and bag adding that certain je ne sias quoi. 

My magpie nature furnishes me with all kind of random items, which when put together with a creative eye can lift the everyday out of the ordinary. You've no idea the pleasure it gives me to pull pieces of clothing in many colours and styles onto the bed in the morning challenging myself to find a new look out of these (often) second hand clothes. The lace top is a recent purchase from Tesco, and the shoes were also new, but the bag, skirt and bangles are all on their second time around. Pre-loved they call them, and still loved by me. 

This hobby of mine is not only creative, but enduring - I've been hooked on clothes since my early teens. It's also proving to be a wonderful connection with so many like minded women across the world who love dressing to impress no-one but themselves. I also like to share how being middle-aged doesn't have to mean boring, dull, frumpy or beige. Shape or size has no bearing on this frame of mind either. All it takes is a bit of trial and error, adding a belt here, a splash of colour there until you can find a signature that is yours. My own signature style is constantly evolving. I have my favourites, like my brogues, and pattern play, but I'm always ready to try something new. For me there's a real joy in clothes, the right clothes, worn the right way - seek out that joy and you too can have that daily pleasure in your life as I do.

Top from F&F at Tesco (sold out), skirt French Connection (thrifted), shoes TK Maxx, handbag thrifted, necklace old, rings old, watch Michael Kors, bangles thrifted.

Anna x

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