On feeling blessed

Hello and welcome again!

You join me today as I talk about counting my blessings during this strange time where lock-downs and furlough are now part of our daily life and the only news on TV and radio relates to the Coronavirus. Our world has changed so much in the past months. The pandemic that seemed so distant from us when it was contained in China has gradually seeped into our everyday lives impacting more than any of us could have imagined. And yet in the midst of all of this, there is a growing awareness of self responsibility, care within our neighbourhoods and gratitude to our NHS which is long overdue. More than ever, I feel very blessed to be living on this remote island. A vetting process in place for anyone trying to access these islands, prohibiting an influx of those trying to escape their primary home. The message to stay at home is finally reaching everyone, even those to whom rules don't normally apply. No matter if you're rich or royal or young or famous - anyone and everyone is prey to this new enemy, invisible yet deadly. And so this modern day wartime spirit is continuing to strengthen as we pull together to unite and stay strong.

I'd like to say hurrah for the BBC news coverage which is gradually finding some happy stories to tell us. In in a time where we need to be kept informed, we also need encouragement, recovery stories and ways to keep ourselves physically and mentally fit. Enter stage right the amazing Joe Wicks who single-handedly is dragging the nation up off the sofa and getting our children motivated for their daily workout. 

I'm so grateful to live right here on the edge of the beach. This photo is taken less than 50m from my house: this is the view from my kitchen window, giving me an ever changing vista of island life as the tide comes in and the tide goes out. And talking of tides, I'm so happy to have this opportunity to follow the tide around daily, as I can now swim on the high tide every single day. I love to swim on the high tide as every beach looks much more pretty on a high tide. Today's high tide is at 3.47pm (Sunday) and will be a 5.1m high. I'm mainly governed now by wind direction and sometimes will walk to the most sheltered beach others, if I'm busy, will mean just a quick dash on my bike so that I can be there and back within the hour.

This was Pentle Bay on Thursday, location of my daily swim at lunchtime. I left home at 1.30pm to walk to the beach along the banks, swam from the far end to this point and then swam back. I sat for a while on the rocks, taking photos while I drank my flask of hot lemon and honey. Much as the sea looks tropical, it was still very cold and I had to march briskly onwards towards the south of the island with woolly hat and gloves on as I tried to warm up. I stopped along the way to collect sea glass and pottery pieces strewn along the high tideline. I think I met about four others, rather I saw four others as we all veered away to give each other space. 

By the time I reached Appletree Bay it was almost 5 o'clock. I'd had this idea to create something to post on my Instagram to tie in with the clapping for the NHS at 8pm on Thursdays that's becoming our lovely new ritual. Our local GP practice have recently sent out a message for us here to abide by the rules of social distancing and to stay at home. We're all hoping that the virus won't reach us, but as we emerge from the restrictions I do wonder if it's inevitable that we'll be hit in the second or even third waves. As you can tell, even living in our island paradise, we still feel the same anxieties as everyone else.

Enough of all that now! Let's talk about the outfit of the day. These fab applique jeans cost me £4.50 from a Truro charity shop earlier on this year. I've paired them with my Frida Kahlo tee shirt from Primark last summer and these comfy stretch pink sock boots by Jeffrey Campbell. The cute wool jacket was another charity shop buy last year and works really well to add a bit of funk to this look. 

The two toned suede belt was from Benetton a few years ago and the rings were both gifts from friends. The blue and pink floral bangle was a £1 wonder from a charity shop

The floral sunglasses were a sale item from Sainsbury's quite a few years ago, but perfect for this floral themed ensemble, don't you think?

I've decided to try my utmost to live in the moment, find joy in the everyday, observing happiness in the most simple of things, count my blessings and not stress about the future. We can only influence our own tiny little worlds currently and I'm trying to keep my own little family unit fed and loved and safe. Beyond that, if I can bring a little bit of pleasure into the blogging world with my outfit of the day, then hurrah!

Take care and keep safe!

Anna x


Pink boots x 2

Hello my lovelies and how are you? I'm well and hope you are too. With summer fast approaching I'm posting these sock boots once again as I'm aware that sandal season is just around the corner. Have I paired these with this pink trench already? Surely. Can't stop to check, as I'm heading off to the beach in a moment - yes, I'm back on my daily sea swims and all is once again well with the world! Yay!

Anyway, I ended the day yesterday wearing this version of pink sock boots as these are my afternoon comfy version. I think that the chunky sole is a great feature and distracts from the fact that these are more or less slippers. Pop a tweedy checked fabric on these and they'd be perfect grandad footwear.

They're also kinda spaceman boots too, don't you think? I bought these Jeffrey Campbell boots in TK Maxx earlier this year.

The rest of the outfit comprises of the polo neck sweater which is preloved, also much loved by me for the ribbed knit giving a figure hugging fit, plus the gilt buttons at the cuffs. The trousers are from Primark, this season, and the leather belt is preloved. The pink trench is by Topshop and was a fab charity shop scoop last year. The pink sock boots are by H&M.

You'll have seen a lot of this necklace recently due to the simple versatility of this silver chain which adds a contemporary twist to any outfit. It's by Melissa James, a brand that we carry in the gallery - please note this was a purchase of mine, not a gift. I link through to the brand cos it's a super and very affordable range of jewellery.

My old favourite sunnies are by Quay Australia - another shout out for a great brand - I have about half a dozen pairs of them, but seem to come back to the same couple of pairs time after time. And last of all my diamante ring is preloved and the pink ring was a gift from a friend.

We had a fair few spectators for this photo shoot by way of the cattle in the field nearby. Plus the obligatory photo-bomber this time was Graham the bike hire guy on the island. Am sharing this photo of him for those of you who know and love 'im!

Graham is a popular figure on the island and is know for his declaration that "This is my last year on the island" which earns him a healthy tip from his customers. Somehow the fact that he spins this one year after year only serves to endear himself to them even more!

Well, that just about rounds it up folks. It's been great to catch up with you again. You can tell that I'm feeling back on form again with this punchy pink ensemble. I'll be back at the weekend with another offering of sorts. I hope you have a brilliant week and look forward to seeing you again soon.

                                                                                         Anna x

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