Keep on keeping on!

Hello again!

Thanks for joining me today. It was only 24 hours ago in the spring sunshine that Steve and I took these shots in the green heartland of Tresco. I was feeling bright and bouncy in this colourful outfit and delighted to have something to share with you for my next feature. And then I woke up this morning with a real dose of the blues, brought on, I think, by disturbed sleep. Since I was a child I've been a poor sleeper with the slightest of worry impacting on my ability to drop off to sleep. I'm often still awake at two or three in the morning, reading as I try to wear myself or rather my brain out. The lack of mental stimulus currently is what seems to be showing with me now. Much as I can be physically tired, my brain is churning away the moment I switch the light out.

Anyway, I thought I'd follow my own, and often used, advice of Keep on, keeping on. We're all suffering ups and downs during lockdown and a dose of the blues is probably the least of our worries. Loneliness, financial hardship and worse of all, loss of friends or family members all overshadow my down in the mouth days, and yet we ought to be able to reach out to others in similar situations eh? My moods aren't consistent at the moment, but who can honestly claim to be coping all of the time? Lean forward and give me a virtual hug right now and I'll return it with gusto!

When I look at this shot the first thing I notice is how much I need a haircut. It's almost two months since I was last at the hairdresser and wonder how long it will be until I get back again. I'm already toying with the idea of scarves and hairbands as I see so many other woman resorting to currently. 

I need my colours done too!

I decided to add a pair of earrings to my look today as a distraction from the lack of hair style. These are a vintage pair of yellow and white beaded earrings bought from a friend who sells vintage clothes and jewellery online. See her Instagram feed here Madamefifipresents. Annie and I first met in London when we were both attending the casting audition for JD Williams a couple of years ago and have been friends ever since. I'm also sporting another new pair of Radlely sunglasses featuring sweet two tone frames.

As for the rest of the outfit, well you may have seen it all before, but not together. The Levi's denim jacket is most definitely vintage as I stole it from Steve when we first got together over 40 years ago. It definitely has improved with age - a bit like him I have to say! The bright pink chinos are by Boden (a couple of years ago) and the trainers were from TK Maxx last year.

The embroidered runners are by Replay and were a joyful find when I was at the Harrogate branch of TK Maxx. 

I found this fabulous Frida Kahlo tee shirt in Primark last spring and went on to buy five more for friends as well as my daughter. I fancy I was threatening to showcase us all wearing it together but never got around to that. We could maybe try again later this summer if things pan out well?

The glorious handbag was a purchase when I ran riot in London charity shopping with my dear friend Ben. We had a great weekend together, but I must admit his energy outlasted mine and I had to retreat to the welcome comforts of a bath long before the shops closed, but not before we had filled my shopping bags with ample loot. See the spoils strewn across my bed as his house here. The yellow bangle was from the same time and the rings are both pre-loved too.

I'll leave you with this lush and verdant backdrop of Pool Road on Tresco. A month of sunshine and showers has the island looking as beautiful as ever. I'm enjoying my daily jaunts outdoors and took a lovely little video from the beach on Pentle Bay last week - click here to see and hear the theraputic sounds of the sea. 

I'll be back again on Friday with another offering for the Dress Up Friday feature. Please do swing by again - I'd love to hear from you!

                                                                                        Anna x

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