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Emily has been a regular reader since the blog started, sending me the odd comment on facebook when she particularly likes something. She has asked that I feature the jacket that's shown on my Anna's Island Style facebook page as I've not worn it for a while. Emily, I'm delighted to oblige, especially as the temperatures here are just beginning to cool down now. Mornings are feeling much more autumnal, but by lunchtime I often have to change my entire outfit as I've pitched it wrong for the greenhouse environment that is our Westerly facing gallery. As the afternoon sun creeps around to shine in the windows, Polly and I start to glow. It's all about adding layers at this time of year and therefore the jacket fits in very well Emily.

The purple dress is new and seems to work so well with the structured jacket. I love the flirty skirt, and the ditsy pattern play against the jacket pattern is also great fun.

Apologies to you if you've been checking out the blog for this post since Sunday. I encountered Internet problems on Friday as I was packing to leave for the mainland and eventually had to just walk away. However, I can report that my weekend was full of little highlights, including some rather lovely charity shopping, swimming in the Art Deco Jubilee pool in Penzance with my daughter, and also a one-off photo shoot with an artist friend... All of this will be covered on the blog in due course.

Thank you Emily for this month's suggestion. If any of your out there would like me to feature your favourite piece again, please do get in touch by your method of choice - via the comment box, email, facebook, instagram whatever - I'd love to have your ideas. 

Jacket S'NOB, dress is H&M (thrifted), shoes Topshop, handbag NW3, watch is thrifted, perspex rings were a gift, necklace is old.

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It seems that life has come full circle for me. For most of my childhood I wore hand-me-downs from my two elder sisters. It was pretty much the norm back in the 1960's, when money was tight and credit cards didn't exist. Borrowing money was taboo in those days, and life was lived in a much more simple way. If you couldn't afford it, then you didn't have it. My parents both worked full time, but with four children to feed and clothe, my clothes had always done the rounds by the time they reached me. Today I'm wearing a dress which comes from my eldest sister and now that I'm all grown up it's not a bind to have a hand-me-down from her; it is in fact a real pleasure.

Sandra has always been a woman who is confident in what she wears. Never one to follow trends, or worry about making a fashion statement, she knows what suits her and wears her clothes with panache. She scoured charity shops when she was a hard-up student, and to this day still does, usually finding beautiful designer pieces to mix with odd, quirky handmade finds. She moved house a few months ago and managed to do that wonderful clutter clearing thing I talked about recently here. This was much to my benefit as I received a clothes parcel containing all sorts of choice items, including this unusual dress. It reminds me of a skirt that Catherine of Not Dressed As Lamb wore when she was on holiday in Santorini see here (not the same, I know, but it brings this one to mind). I've no idea of where it is, or even if the imagery is of a real place or imaginary, but I think it's so pretty. I had such fun pulling my accessories together as these colours are favourites in my personal palette and therefore I had lots to chose from.

I had lots of compliments about this dress and the outfit in general which was lovely. The dress has no label so no details for you there. Sandals are by Refresh from TK Maxx. Lace top was from a charity shop, again with no label. Barrel bag is by NW3 (no longer available), turquoise ring and bangle are old, yellow ring is by Martin James, and rose gold watch is by Michael Kors. Necklace was a gift. Sunglasses are by Quay Australia and the belt was from a charity shop. 

Today is another work day for me and probably many others, but I'd like to say I hope everyone has a wonderful time joining in with the celebrations for the 90th birthday of our Queen. Yesterday on the island we hosted a tea party in the afternoon and last night a crowd gathered to see a huge bonfire lit on the school green as part of our island's celebrations. Everyone raised a glass to toast her Majesty and the peach coloured bubbles infused all with a wonderful rosy glow. In world full of troubles and worries, it's so good to have a positive focus and there can't be any better than this. Good luck to you if you're hosting your own street party today. I wonder if the bunting will be flying in your street? Have a great weekend and I look forward to catching up again on Wednesday.

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