Mermaid coat

Yes, the wanderer has returned! Hello and how lovely to have your company again. The past three weeks have gone by in a flash, but conversely I feel like I've been away for ages. My huge trip has generated lots of imagery so I'm not going to rush into things, but want to sift through the photos and put together some easily digestible features for you over the next little while. 

Let's go back a bit, shall we, to that crazy flurry aka Christmas when my darling husband bought me this - from here on known as my mermaid coat due to the massive sequins/scales. Isn't it bloody lovely! Yes, I'll admit, he did have a bit of guidance as to what I'd like, but surely that's better than having an unwanted gift? The coat is from Topshop and for those of you who may be drooling at the sight of this completely over-the-top jacket, well it's good news - here it is in the sale.

I can see that the coat will be an absolute asset to my wardrobe - I imagine that I can wear this on exhibition nights as well as the obvious beach shot on a desert island somewhere too. What fun I'll have with this! The subtle iridescent colours are so flattering and lend themselves to all sorts of pastel pairings. Today's outfit features a pale pink cotton roll neck sweater and bleached denim flares with a rose gold belt - all preloved. The silver high heeled leather boots are by Buffalo London, giving just the right edge to the look.

I've used both rose gold and silver as my accessory colours here to great effect, even if I do say so myself. You can see how lots of pastel shades are present in the coat - lemon, gold, pale aqua, pink, peach, pale green - all of them opening up future styling possibilities. I know it's not everyday wear, but goodness, since when did that stop me? As you know, I've just come back from the mainland where I scooped up an orange sequined padded bomber jacket at the last minute and as I couldn't fit it into my already stuffed suitcase, well I just put it on, zipped it up, and travelled home in it from Truro. On the early morning train, waiting at the station for my lift, and at the airport, where I breezed in as if it was absolutely normal to be wearing orange sequins at nine in the morning. Dahling - I've just returned from a fashion shoot in Cape Town, luvvies!!!!!

I've mixed all kinds of textures and colours for my jewellery too - a plastic peach toned ring with another of silver and enamel, both charity shopped, plus the rose gold watch gifted to me by Nordgreen, a gold rose belt (preloved) and the glittery silver clutch which has no brand but was a ten pound buy from a small boutique somewhere. The rose gold sunglasses are by my favourite brand Quay Australia.

In my absence my dear friend and designer Bo, has been busy at work giving the blog a face lift and doesn't it look gorgeous? A new year, a new start and all that jazz, eh? 

If you've been following my recent adventures on Instagram, you'll have seen that the client asked me to have a new, sharp haircut. The image they sent me, showed a picture perfect young model with button nose, cheek bones like coat hangers and skin like porcelain. I do wonder if they had considered how this would translate across to my generous nose, wrinkled skin and thin lips? No matter. What I wonder is, which you prefer - this hairstyle or the micro fringed number?

It's great to be back on the island and to think about 2019 and what it holds. My recent trip to Cape Town showed me how life can be full of surprises, (albeit some of them rather last minute), but if you are willing to say Yes to the universe then anything is possible. We're all different and we all want different things in life, so whatever you want I would say - wish for it every morning, send that wish out to the universe couched in gratitude and then get on with everything that comes your way with joy in your heart and a spring in your step!

Please join me again on Monday when the Style Not Age collective will be featuring our January Jumpers - very topical indeed. Until then, have a lovely weekend!

Anna x


Tweed and satin? Yes!

Mixing up fabrics can be just as much fun as colour play in my book, so today I'm sporting a cute little tweed jacket with these skinny satin trousers. The jacket is pre-loved by Joules which I picked up for £15 in a charity shop and the disco pants are quite old and were from H&M Conscious Collection. Jeans might have been an obvious pairing for this, but I wanted to add a bit more colour, hence the tangerine pants. 

The jacket has velvet edging and a fancy lining as well as non-matching buttons making it very me. The fit is great to say it's off-the-peg with the sleeve length being perfect too. All of my jewellery is charity shopped, but the watch was a gift from Nordgreen - see more about it here. I still have an offer available on this brand if you use the code PARKES15 you will get a 15% discount on any purchase. 

At this time of year I seem to always add a polo neck sweater to the outfit of the day, probably because I'm one of those chilly types. I hate having a cold neck more than anything, so my closet has lots of them, especially black ones - I must have about six of those currently. This cream one was from Primark last year.

Sasha was my photographer, catching me laugh when I almost fell over on this tiny incline. It's really not a very steep road, but as I changed my footing I almost lost my balance, creating a drama out of nothing as is pretty much my way. Slight incline plus high heeled boots equals risk assessment!

In my previous post I was complaining about having short legs, but today I concede that the towering boots (by Office) are magnificently leg-lengthening. Those extra five inches make all the difference confidence-wise. The best part of course is the deep platform that means these are all-day comfortable too. 

I seem to have waited ages to showcase this tiny leather bag, but here it is at last. It's by Gigi and yes, it was a charity shop find. I'm particularly pleased to have matched up the orange trim with the trousers - small things please small minds eh?

I'm enjoying this lovely view looking east across the Great Pool, a perfect spot to stop and chill. The island has benches dotted all around (many made by my dear husband) encouraging the habit of pausing to take in the scenery. The big lure of holidaying on the island is indeed the slow pace allowing for time to reconnect with not just nature, but with oneself. Read more on this aspect here

And as we hurtle towards Christmas in a flurry of shopping, baking and partying it's worth keeping in mind the need to take a moment away from the commercialism of Christmas and remember the true meaning of our celebrations. This is a reminder to myself as much as anyone.

Have a fabulous week!

Anna x


My new Nordgreen watch plus an exciting offer for you

Hello my lovely readers and welcome to another week at Anna's Island Style. Today's post sees me in collaboration with Nordgreen who have gifted me this beautiful rose gold Philosopher watch. And you too can benefit from my collaboration by using the VIP Black Friday Offer Code with runs from today until 27th November. By simply using this code PARKES35 you will receive a 35% discount on any watch from the Nordgreen website.


Nordgreen is a new Danish brand borne from the desire to create watches of the highest quality, in the best design, at an affordable price. To use their words - 

Our watches were meticulously designed to be able to be worn every day, regardless of what clothes you have on, where you’re going, or how you’re feeling, allowing you to focus on the little moments that make life worth living. Our watches don’t just tell the time: they remind you to treasure it.

Guided by traditional Scandinavian design, a love for watches, and a desire to completely change the way we look at them, we knew there was only one designer who could bring our vision to life: Jakob Wagner.

With his ability to strike the perfect balance between minimalism and functionality and his artistry in embedding Danish values into everything he creates, Jakob Wagner is our key to making true Scandinavian lifestyle and design accessible.

To find out more about Jakob and his designs see here.

My choice of watch was indeed informed by the simplicity of the Scandinavian design along with my passion for rose gold. With a clear easy to read face, including the date, and an adjustable mesh strap, I love the functionality of it. The Philosopher will be my every day watch, the clean lines making it perfect for any outfit, any occasion, not too ornate, nor underplayed. It does in fact, feel terribly grown-up and elegant and was just right for my first wearing at the recent wedding of my close friends Kate and Andy, as featured on the blog here recently.

I'm aware that many of you may have returned today in the full expectation of seeing what I wore to the big island wedding from last week, and if that's the case, please do feel free to gallop on right ahead - I completely understand!

Our photo shoot took place at the rear of the church away from the action, in fact it was before the ceremony had begun and well before the guests started to arrive. I had been asked to turn up early to help with any finishing touches needed in the church, but it was all ready, perfectly turned out, bedecked in beautiful floral decorations and lit up with candles. The local ladies had worked their magic by turning our tiny church into a fairy tale venue.

The outfit is a suit, but if I were being cool, it'd be called a co-ord which is how fashion has renamed co-ordinates this year. The three quarter length jacket and skirt are by Clements Ribeiro, a find from one of my visits to TK Maxx in Manchester this summer. The minute I saw the jacket (they were being sold separately, in different parts of the store) I knew it would be perfect for Kate and Andy's wedding. I wanted something dressy, stylish and yet timeless too which is what this says to me. It was only on my way to the cash desk that I came across the skirt and hey, can you believe it, these were the only ones in the store and just happened to be in my size!

The blouse is a vintage piece and has been featured on the blog before.

I added this cream waistcoat which is pre-loved and by Toast. It was essentially an extra piece to keep me (Toasty) warm in our chilly little church.

The pistachio coloured bag is vintage, bought from a charity shop in Bath many years ago, but as you can see the handbag, adorned with velvet, lace and gemstones, is still smart enough to be taken out on a special occasion such as this.

My choice of shoes for the day was all about comfort, well that, plus a bit of style too I suppose. These high heeled brogues (a purchase from Portugal a few years ago) have quite a chunky heel and also a platform sole meaning that they're not too steep an angle. I love the ribbon laces which add that extra touch of femininity.

Brocade, lace, frills and brogues all came together to make my outfit of the day one that was easy to wear, a tad flamboyant and yet, not screaming "it's all about me" which some may have expected. Ah-hem, or was it only my husband who thought I'd be wearing that crazy red petticoat?

One final note about Nordgreen which I think puts them in a different league to other watch retailers. The brand has taken the step to incorporate a Giving Back Program for every watch they sell. The idea is simple: you buy a watch from Nordgreen, you choose which way you want to give back to the community and they pass on a donation in your name. The three great causes come under the headings of - Health, by way of providing clean water in Africa, Education for a child in India or Environment to protect the rain forest in Latin America. These are all very worthy causes making this choice probably the most difficult part of the process. Read about the full details of the Giving Back Program here 

Are you about to write your Christmas Wish List? If so, why not ask for a gift that gives back too? A timepiece that makes an impact for the greater good... And for the next week you can make a saving of 35%. Golly, why wait?

As I said at the beginning of this post, the watch has been gifted to me, but this review is my own honest opinion. 

Please note that if you're reading this after the 27th November the 35% offer will no longer apply but you can still benefit by using my link here where you'll get a 15% discount just for purchasing via my blog. Cheers!

Anna x

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