Anna meets Suzanne

Last month I started a new item on the blog inspired by fashionistas I've encountered. For my first interview I featured Alison, a woman whose sense of style has fuelled her drive to make her own clothes. See the the feature here if you missed it. This month I'd like to introduce Suzanne. Suzanne approached me at the gallery as she is friends with a very talented artist whose work she thought might be of interest to me. As we spoke I discovered that Suzanne too, was of great interest. The words cool cat and effortless style come to mind. I want to know more.

Here's how our chat went when I quizzed this lovely lady.

Anna: How would you describe your style?
Suzanne:  I have developed my own style over the years and wear clothes that I am comfortable in. There is currently a nod to biker chic and previously Japanese avant - garde.

Anna: Has your style changed over the years?
Suzanne:  I would say that my style has not stopped evolving as I move through life. The factors that impact our style are never static.

Anna: Do you have a style icon?
Suzanne:  I wear a lot of Rick Owens these days with pieces from from Issey Miyake, Yohji Yamamoto and Comme des Garçon. Some of which I have had many years. 

Anna: What's your favourite place to shop? 
Suzanne: I love to go to Dover Street Market in London, I regularly use the Internet and when Pollyanna was open in Barnsley I would go there.

Anna: The day job?
Suzanne:  I am a director of a hairdressing salon in South Manchester. I am responsible for all things operational, customer service and front of house. My background is hotels, airlines and travel.

Anna: What's your beauty secret? And are you really 63?
Suzanne: I have regular facials, try to have a healthy diet, exercise and be happy no matter what life throws at me. I am lucky to have inherited good genes and yes, I am 63! 

Anna: Your passion in life? 
Suzanne: I have a passion for food, both cooking and eating! A passion for travel, both business and pleasure - for the opportunities and life changing experiences it has given me, but most of all for the wonderful people I have met along the way.

Anna: If money were no object I'd...
Suzanne: If money were no object and I was being completely selfish I would love a gap year or two to travel with no fixed itinerary or time schedule.

Anna: What are your dreams/aspirations?
Suzanne:  I don't really have dreams and aspirations. Ten years ago there was a big list, some of which remain unfulfilled, but no regrets. I try to live in the now, not look forward, and enjoy one day at a time!

Suzanne wears: T shirt, shorts and pumps all by Rick Owens.

Thanks to Suzanne for giving us an insight into her lifestyle.

Anna x

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