Day off, down time.

I'm aware that I may come across as spending my every waking minute dolled up, but that's so not the case. At the end of a working day I love to kick off my heels and get into something comfy. My alter ego is slouchy, snuggly, duvet-loving and the exact opposite to the hard working, sea swimming, dressed up self you normally see. On my day off, it's good to dress down and show that I'm not at work which is important when you live and work only 50m apart. My favourite item to chill out in has to be these flowy, floaty trousers with a cute tie front. I bought them in New Zealand, in Russell, on the Bay of Islands on the North Island in what I think they call an "op shop" - our version of a charity shop. I wore them endlessly on that holiday as the loose, unstructured fit was perfect for our camper van lifestyle. They look great over a swimsuit too.

Even though it's my day off, I still like to inject a bit of colour and fun into my outfit. The pattern clash is divine with these separates too, made all the more perfect by the addition of these playful rings and nail polish. Even my espadrilles add another dimension to the pattern play, yet the colours all are in total harmony to me. The top is new and has been sitting on the sidelines since I bought it in Sicily when we were on our cruise in Feb see here. It's a vintage piece that was part of a huge find from an eccentric lady who had collected clothes over decades, but never wore them, just had them housed in her dressing room, waiting. When she died, her sister took boxes and boxes of beautiful pieces,still in tissue to the store. The shop owner thinks this came from the swinging 60's. Needless to say, I love it.

Trousers and top (see above). Shoes are from TK Maxx (brand is Giamo these are similar). Rings and pink bangle are gifts, silver bangle is charity shopped. My summer favourite nail polish is Rita Ora by Rimmel in Tangerine Tent.

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As I publish this today I'll be getting ready for my first ever bloggers meet up. Kezzie of KezzieAG is coming to the islands on a cruise. We hope to meet up and tour the Abbey Garden, whereupon she would like to join me for a sea swim (note to Suzanne: this was Kezzie's suggestion not mine). With any luck I'll have some photos to show you on Sunday. Until then, have a great weekend!

Anna x

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