All-day boots

Yes, you may well be surprised to learn that these high heeled boots are indeed comfortable enough to wear all day long, but no-one was more surprised than me! As I was gathering the elements of this outfit together, I knew I needed to wear boots as the weather was forecast to go downhill over the course of the day, ending with rain by mid-afternoon. After a bit of a rummage I remembered a couple of boot boxes at the bottom of my wardrobe and lo, here were these brand new beauties! The colour is perfect for the ensemble, but I can't for the life of me remember when I bought them or why they've never been worn. I seem to recall they came from TK Maxx, but goodness knows how many years ago that was. The fact is, when I tried them on, I had a true Cinderella moment as they fit perfectly!

Just as I'm thrusting my hand into my pockets here comes a frisky little sea breeze!

Hold tight!

I'm not a huge fan of brown, but by adding the yellow silk blouse and bright orange belt, I think the overall look is more effective than if I'd gone all tonal with creams and beige for instance. I know women who look so elegant and understated in that kind of brown/beige palette.  Personally, I use the impact of pattern clashing, bold colours, frills and generally flamboyant dressing to distract the eye from my short comings. I know we're none of us a good judge of ourselves, but it's all about playing to our strengths and I think I know mine. 

Today's outfit comprises - jacket by S'NOB, skirt (vintage) by Additions, blouse by Principles petite, boots by Ravel, belt and jewellery are charity shopped and handbag is by L Credi.

Anna x


As suggested by... Emily

Emily has been a regular reader since the blog started, sending me the odd comment on facebook when she particularly likes something. She has asked that I feature the jacket that's shown on my Anna's Island Style facebook page as I've not worn it for a while. Emily, I'm delighted to oblige, especially as the temperatures here are just beginning to cool down now. Mornings are feeling much more autumnal, but by lunchtime I often have to change my entire outfit as I've pitched it wrong for the greenhouse environment that is our Westerly facing gallery. As the afternoon sun creeps around to shine in the windows, Polly and I start to glow. It's all about adding layers at this time of year and therefore the jacket fits in very well Emily.

The purple dress is new and seems to work so well with the structured jacket. I love the flirty skirt, and the ditsy pattern play against the jacket pattern is also great fun.

Apologies to you if you've been checking out the blog for this post since Sunday. I encountered Internet problems on Friday as I was packing to leave for the mainland and eventually had to just walk away. However, I can report that my weekend was full of little highlights, including some rather lovely charity shopping, swimming in the Art Deco Jubilee pool in Penzance with my daughter, and also a one-off photo shoot with an artist friend... All of this will be covered on the blog in due course.

Thank you Emily for this month's suggestion. If any of your out there would like me to feature your favourite piece again, please do get in touch by your method of choice - via the comment box, email, facebook, instagram whatever - I'd love to have your ideas. 

Jacket S'NOB, dress is H&M (thrifted), shoes Topshop, handbag NW3, watch is thrifted, perspex rings were a gift, necklace is old.

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Anna x

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