Mellow yellow

Hello lovelies! Are you okay? I'm doing great. I've taken a week's holiday to wind down after what's been a hectic end of season. This was Friday's work outfit, a mix of old and new pieces that I was trying out. 

Mellow yellow is a step down from my normal sock-it-to-ya colour scheme, but I really love it. The faux leather paper bag trousers are by Zara, but were bought from TK Maxx in the spring and my, don't they work beautifully with my ecru Asos boots from last year?

The yellow woollen jacket is by S'NOB and is very old. I like the gold lurex thread that runs through it, adding a bit of glam to an otherwise conservative piece. 

My gold flower ring was a gift from a girlfriend and the other floral ring was a charity shop find. My poppy brooch comes out every year. Sunglasses are by Quay Australia.

This lace blouse was a recent charity shop find in Penzance. It was brand new, still with the labels attached from the brand "I Saw It First". In fact there were two side by side, this and a pure white voile one which I snatched up too. One was £7 and the other was £10 - what a result!

What's not to love about a cream lace blouse with frilly cuffs? I particularly enjoyed the pairing of leather and lace, especially in this neutral palette. So unlike me, I know, but isn't it grand to stumble across a new love?

The main of the blouse is fully lace so I opted to add a natural body underneath which was not only a modesty choice but a useful extra layer of insulation too. 

It's always a bonus to find a new outfit at the end of the season as I know I'll still have it to hand ready for when we re-open in March. This definitely will transfer to spring without any tweaking at all. How fab is that? And yes, I did waft about feeling rather fabulous all day long in this muted ensemble.

Thanks so much for dropping by. Have a super week!

                                                                                       Anna x


Black trouser challenge 4

Week four of this challenge brings the cost per wear down to £10 which is a figure that I like, and I've not run out of ideas yet either. This is a non-sponsored post, done for the sheer joy of testing myself to see how many variations I can come up with over the next few weeks.

You could say I'm getting into my stride with these now. (Sorry.) But anyway, I'm having fun and that's what it's all about isn't it? This jacket is an old favourite of mine and Angela's too (hello!) but the fact that the top button doesn't close means I might have to get on the bathroom scales again to see what's amiss. 

Classic cream and black could sound a bit unadventurous, boring even, but the ruffle hems and mini pleats put paid to any nonsense like that. And just to ensure there's no trace of the mundane these lovely leopard print courts are a winning move. As the day warmed up I removed the jacket to reveal this pretty lace top. Lots of textures and fancy embellishments is what this outfit is all about and it has me in my element. Every time I stride out in these fancy pants I get a real spring in my step. They're a great blend of classy, stylish and a tad sexy too - what a winning combination! 

Details are - trousers: River Island, jacket: S'NOB, lace top: charity shopped (no label), shoes: Salord Jover, all jewellery: charity shopped, sunglasses: M&S (old).

I'll be back on Sunday so do swing by for the latest.

Anna x

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