Sunglasses alert

Yep, today you may well need to don your sunglasses or maybe turn down the brightness control thanks to these bold and sassy colours! Not one to do anything by halves I've pulled together two of my favourites, green and orange, along with other colourful delights and florals too just to give you your money's worth. The dress is a star as far as I'm concerned, a joyful discovery in Sainsbury's when I was last in Truro. I'm a bit of a fan of their Tu range on the quiet. I chose this because the pattern has a vintage feel and is also a beautiful silky viscose which hangs like a dream. The cut is so flattering too and best of all (let's say it together now) - yes, it's got pockets!

Today's photo-bomber is one of the locals. Adam is the new Harbour master and his cheeky little friend is called Chip.

Apologies you to all for the lack of photos from my Bloggers Meet Up the other day. Kezzie and her mother Ros had a fab day on the island and we covered quite a lot of ground too. I'm just waiting for Kezzie to get back to me with some info and then I can hopefully do a good job to the feature soon. On Tuesday we will be opening our 5th summer exhibition which will mean Wednesday's post will showcase my outfit of the evening. And coming up very soon after that on the 20th is the next edition of #Ping Pong Post. So, you can see it's a bit of a busy month bloggingwise never mind working full time, daily sea swimming and also trying to capture some summer memories with the family before autumn arrives. My weekly yoga session has fallen by the wayside due to work commitments so in one way, I'll not be too sorry to get into quieter times to get back on track with my wonderful yoga teacher and classmates again.

My outfit comprises of the Sainsbury dress from the Tu range (all sold out now), jacket is from Benetton (also sold out), sandals are from TK Maxx (these are nice), handbag was charity shopped, necklace is old, belt, brooch and rings are all charity shopped, sunglasses are Quay Australia, and my rose gold watch is by Michael Kors

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That post shopping spree buzz!

Those of you who have to shop in bulk like me (very few of you I suppose) will agree that the months of doing without are usually worth the wait. After my recent trip to Harrogate, I have a wonderful collection of clothes to add to my already healthy closet. First of all, I tend to wear entire outfits from this new collection and then gradually integrate them with the not-so-new clothes. So here I am still in the honeymoon phase enjoying an entirely new ensemble which cost me a darn sight less than an arm and a leg!

I'm still a bit giddy with excitement at all these new choices. Today's pick was born from this beautiful jacket. I've found a charity shop in Truro that receives regular consignments of brand new stock from H&M, which is where this jacket comes from. I fancy that they may in fact be returned items, which would answer that particular question. While I was in Harrogate, I actually found a different charity shop which has a similar agreement with Boden. My oh my, these are well worth keeping regular tabs on if you ever come across them. Sasha is now a frequent browser in the Truro shop and has picked up some fantastic bargains to enhance her wardrobe. This gorgeous jacket cost me all of £5! Can you believe it? It was the only one like it, and just happened to be in my size. Lucky old me then! 

The skirt was my very last find before I came home. A new charity shop has recently opened in Penzance and it was there that I came across this pink skirt from Gap. Pink is my most joyful discovery in the colour spectrum and I'm still building up my pink collection. The woollen fabric has a light yet tweedy feel and is lined too, so what's not to love? And the cut lends itself to a cute little flippy hem which feels lovely and flirty when I walk. Flirty, not tarty, is the point. Lastly, I have to mention the boots which are again from a charity shop, but are hardly worn. The leather is super soft and the colour is perfect to tone along with the skirt. Even the tights are new. Another H&M steal at £1. 

My old faithful handbag joined in the showcasing of this latest ensemble. I love orange and pink together, don't you? Such bright fizz and fun when they sit side by side like this. I was delighted when I came across this fab pink and silver ring on my travels. Where exactly I can't say, it was just in a charity shop somewhere along the line. Eventually it all becomes a lovely blur of joyful finds and trophy pieces for me to carry home, brandishing them aloft over my head for all to see. Oh, the thrill of (charity) shopping!

Jacket: H&M (charity shop). Skirt: Gap (charity shop). Top: Sainsbury (sale). Tights: H&M (charity shop). Boots: Carvela (charity shop). Necklace: gift (Phase Eight). Pink flower ring: gift. Long pink ring: charity shop. Handbag: L. Credi (TK Maxx). Sunglasses: Quay Australia.

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