Tartan and fur

Yay for fur coats in February!

I know it's great to have a bit of spring in the air, but I'm still happy to be wearing fur in February, particularly this one that's still feeling new. Sasha bought me this for my birthday last month and I've been wearing it a lot, although not on the blog. So here's my favourite combo so far - yellow fur coat with my two tone tartan jeans. Oh goodness, how I love this look!

The jacket is from H&M and is soft as a cuddly teddybear. My reflex as I stretch my hand into my wardrobe for a coat is to pull this out and that's mostly because it's so delicously soft. I'm not one for repeat wearing so I do have to force myself to skim past it and am limiting myself to once a week currently. However, I'm aware that it's about to be March and wonder if it's a fashion faux pas to wear one's faux fur then? Hahaha, did you like that?

The outfit reads like this today - Quay Australia sunglasses, H&M fur coat (I couldn't find this one but they have a lovely blue fur coat here), green ribbed polo neck sweater from Primark, ASOS tartan jeans, Steve Madden trainers and yellow leather gloves from TK Maxx.

As you can see spring has indeed sprung here on the Isles of Scilly with the jolly yellow daffodils popping up all ove the place. Over my shoulder you can see the white rollers breaking out by Golden Ball. The winter storms have created some wild displays at the North End of the island.

So, this weekend as the UK prepares to be hit by Storm Jorge (pronounced hor-hay) what are your plans? I hope to get out for a walk if the weather allows or even a swim if it's not too wild and then the rest of my weekend will be dedicated to the gradual de-junking that continues (if somewhat slowly).

I finished reading this lovely book last weekend and it's helped to reignite my desire to take control of my shopaholic tendancies as well as my hoarding habits too.  I'll be attacking a particularly messy corner this weekend with shredder to hand as I plan to reorganise my filing and loosely termed paperwork. Wish me luck!

                                                                                 Anna x


Neon yellow jacket

Hello my dear readers! How are you? I hope you've not been affected by the recent floods that have hit the UK. The rain it doth raineth every day down here on the islands, but thankfully it just runs off the land and into the sea. We had a lull in the weather on Sunday which is when Steve and I dashed out to capture these shots.

No sooner had we arrived at our chosen spot when the first shower hit us. The show must go on, I declared and we wiped down the lens and carried on. Blog photographer isn't my husband's preferred hobby, but he never turns me down when I ask. He's a gem.

I was prompted by one of my Instagram friends to try to counter my S.A.D. symptoms with a bit of colour therapy which is what I'm doing today. This neon yellow jacket (Primark) offers a great splash of colour - kinda like a good ol' slap across the face and equally effective. It's impossible to feel glum wearing this bright burst of loveliness. The biker jacket is soft and smooth and made of faux suede. I bought it in the spring when I was in Harrogate and I've worn it quite a few times since then. It's one of those classic Moto jackets that will just go on and on. Whether it's suede, leather or fabric, I'm a big fan of these biker jackets. I feel very much the rock chick when I wear them.

The jacket led me to bring out these new trainers by Steve Madden which I found in TK Maxx last month. I love the spotty soles as well as the funky shape of them. Wearing trainers to work is my idea of bliss. These are comfy and practical, so what's not to love?

The jodhpur style trousers are pre-loved and from M&S. Another easy-wear item, they're as comfortable as a pair of joggers but smart and stylish for work. 

I finished the outfit with a ribbed stretch sweater from Primark. I bought these in various colours and necklines as I knew they would be perfect for winter layering. They're incredibly soft and light, yet cosy too. I'll pop a thermal layer underneath them as the winter progresses. At only £6 each I wonder if there were any other colours I ought to have snatched up when I was there.

A simple gold chain (Primark) was all I needed to accessorise this look along with these rings which were both from airport concessions last year.

I'd like to think that my sunny outfit chased the showers away. I've heard that colour therapy can be very effective, even where the weather's concerned! Hahaha.

Thanks for dropping by!

Anna x

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