Frills and finery

I'm not an organised shopper in the way that some women are. You know that thing when you buy a skirt, the advice is to buy something to go with it too so that you have a complete outfit. I'm always on the run when I'm shopping and therefore I tend to grab what catches my eye and then worry about the pairing up once I'm home. That's how it was with this lovely mesh skirt that I found in TK Maxx, but in the back of my mind were the boots that I'd bought in the Zara sale (grab yourself a bargain here).

I couldn't resist this matchy-matchy look. 

The frilled blouse (charity shop find) was an afterthought, but works tonally I thought. If I'd been at home for this shoot I probably would have added my big leopard fur coat to finish the look off. See that here.

Sock boots were the revelation of the year for me in 2017. I love the fit and the elegance of them, plus they seem to suit my leg shape. My calves are well defined and sometimes can look more so in a bulkier boot. The slim, elasticated shape seem to refine the outline.

The gobstopper ring was a charity shop find, the triangle one came from Sainsury's and the blingy necklace was from a boutique in Truro. The belt was from eBay, a purchase from a couple of years ago, but when it arrived I discovered that it was too big. At Christmas I had a mending day, sewing bits and pieces and came across the belt in my mending pile. I cut the belt at the back, removed a few inches of the elastic and joined the ends together using some strong thread on my sewing machine. You'll be seeing this one again and again I expect.

These photos will be another reminder of my weekend at Nautilus cottage for my 60th birthday celebrations. If you missed that (where have you been?) then see the link here to take you back and for the Abba party see here

I'll sign off now and wish you a lovely weekend. As I look out the window the sun is shining and that's surely time for me to get out for a walk. Yesterday I walked for about three miles looking for beach to swim on, but the winds were too fierce. I'll leave you with some island photos I've taken over the past week, starting with one that I actually captured from my kitchen window while I was busy cooking yesterday afternoon. It's a pretty special view at the best of times, but I love to watch this local guy zoom back and forth across the bay between Tresco and Bryher when the winds are fresh. (Note to self - if Gareth is out kite surfing, then it's too wild for me to be sea swimming!)

This view down the channel marks the difference between the summer and winter. If this were summer, there would be no clear water, just lots and lots of boats and yachts moored up making a little community all of its own. We're only weeks away from the new season starting and I'm ready for it. We've had enough of gales and wet grey days. Bring on 2018 summer season!

Anna x

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