Back to work!

Hello again!

How are you? I hope you're well. So here's me in my back-to-work outfit yesterday. And straight away, I have to tell you that all's well and the transition has been made from housewife to Gallery Manager. It was seamless, much to my relief, as the very act of dressing the part and sitting at my desk and trawling my way through emails dragged me back into the role. All my fears of suddenly finding that I hate my job evaporated as I felt my way through the many aspects of the job, both physical and mental. Phew!

Blue and red isn't a combination I often do, but yesterday this was what evolved on rediscovering these stretch woollen trousers from Tu at Sainsbury's. Sasha had given these to me a couple of years ago and yet, surprise surprise, I'd never worn them. My 12 month shopping ban may be over, but here I am still finding gems like these. Cropped and with pockets the trousers drape nicely and were uber comfy throughout the day. I went for an hour's walk with my dear friend Fiona during lunchtime and only had to change my footwear and was good to go.

The sweater was a TK Maxx purchase. It's a man made fibre that's cosy as well as being a flattering fit. I did pop a thin thermal top underneath as I knew the Gallery would feel chilly after weeks of no heating on. My blogging friend Sheila may well call this a bookends look as the top and boots echo similar prints. Not too samey-samey but delightfully playful I thought.

So here's another new-to-me piece though! This fabulous red leather mini backpack was charity shop purchase way back in 2019. I paid £20 for it and thought it well worth the money. The leather is sturdy and has that reassuring weightiness that says quality. A clasp front and zips make it feel nice and secure too. My rings are both old as well as being pre-loved.

I was really pleased with this back to work outfit. The right clothes really can put you in the right frame of mind, don't you think?

My reptile print cuban heel boots were from Office many moons ago. It was a bit of a shock though to be wearing something other than slippers all day! After my walk I kept on my simple black trainers to ease the strain.

These funky shades are by my go sunglasses supplier - Quay Australia. I'd forgotten about them and found them stashed away in the back of the drawer.

It's a relief to have gotten that first day out of the way. As so often happens, the thought of something is usually worse than the reality of it. I love my job I'm pleased to say and can't wait to open the doors to the public again on the 12th of April.

And here's our Red Cross container almost full after Saturday's collection. Sasha (left) and Hannah were just finishing off the last bit of packing when I arrived. The project was a resounding success and almost an exact repeat of last year when we collected enough to fill a whole container then too. Social distancing was an extra challenge this year, but one that all the helpers managed beautifully.

Last of all, here's my second chair resplendent in it's new covers. My three piece suite has new covers throughout, but I ran out of time and didn't manage to replace the base covers. I'm okay with that and know that next winter I can settle down to that more complicated challenge. Over this forthcoming weekend I'll pack up all of the fabrics and stash them away. I also plan to bring out my spring and summer clothes which is both exciting and daunting!

I'll be back again on Friday and do hope you'll join me again.

Have a super week!

Anna x

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