Summer show 4

This was Saturday evening, the 3rd of August and the fourth of our summer exhibitions at Gallery Tresco. Artist Chris Hankey joined us for the reception party, enjoying the opportunity to chat to our guests, explaining the locations of his work and his inspiration for this beautiful collection. See the full August line up in our brochure here

The outfit of the day wasn't meant to be this one at all, but the promised sunshine didn't appear making the flimsy frock I had planned look completely out of kilter with the grey weather. A last minute flurry of trying on commenced at 5.20pm which, when you consider that I was due at work at 5.30pm, made things a bit tight! Even as I legged it along the road to the gallery, I wasn't convinced that this was actually what I wanted to wear, but it was the only outfit that didn't need to be ironed, making it the winner.

I've worn this lace jumpsuit before, but not with these accessories which almost almost constitutes a new outfit doesn't it? The brand is Darling London and I found it at TK Maxx a couple of years ago. 

I added this (pre-loved) metallic belt to cinch in the waist as the cut of the all-in-one is bit straight. On reflection it may have looked fine without, but I was in a mad rush and didn't have time to co-ordinate a proper look as such. The necklace was from the Topshop sale this summer, as were the sunglasses and the rings are from Boots. 

I've had these pale gold sandals for ages and wish I could tell you what brand they are, but I slipped out of them at the end of the party when we were closed. I tootled around the gallery clearing up wearing some silver flatties and then left these glamorous heels at work. Do message me if you really need to know the brand and I'll check later today.

Cue a few actions shots for Polly before the rain appeared.

The post party shots are always the best, much more relaxed. Chris had a great evening, ending with a red spot for his first sale and talk of a commission to come. Chris's work is showcased across the whole of the island from the Ruin Beach Cafe to the Flying Boat Club spa and in many cottages in between too. The commission piece will be a copy of the large painting housed within the changing room at the spa - a painting that is much admired. 

And that's it folks - another show opened and another to come in less than 10 days now. Summer is rapidly slipping away bringing about a slight sense of panic in me. In just over a month's time I hope to swim the full 360 degrees around Tresco island. I don't know exactly how far that will be, but I think it might be about 7 miles, depending on the effects of the tide. My training, or lack of, is always at the back of my mind as I try to plan for another long stretch into deeper water away from the balmy turquoise shallows that are my daily playground. If the weather is reasonable on Saturday, Steve and I hope to venture out to the craggy North End of the island where the waves around Kettle Rock crash and surge in a way that creates fear in my belly rather than joy in my heart when I think about it. But, I've set myself this challenge and won't be happy until it's done. 

Wish me luck with the training!

Anna x


Midweek fun

Welcome to my midweek burst of fun! After the other evening of glitz and glam (see here), I really couldn't top that look and have gone all playful and practical with this everyday work outfit. 

Polly and I refer to these as our Children's TV Presenter looks for very obvious reasons. Playful suits me fine on a summer's day when life is fabulous and work is a joy. I can nip up and down ladders without flashing anything I oughtn't and the all-in-one is lightweight and airy too which is perfect as the mercury rises. These Birkenstock type sandals (the brand is Autenti by Penta) are comfy and cool for the scorching temperatures. I bought my sandals in TK Maxx when I was in London recently and they're perfect as a flat runabout pair of sandals that still look stylish thanks to the pop of orange.

The seersucker gingham dungarees were also a purchase from my London trip (see here if you missed that little adventure) and were in the Topshop sale. I found these along with a nude coloured boiler suit in the racks downstairs. I'll let you see those in another post soon. The white long sleeved tee is by M&S, second hand via Oxfam. 

Polly was impressed that my shadow managed to keep up with my antics this morning!

Orange had to be the colour for my accessories don't you agree? The bangle and rings are all pre-loved and the resin necklace is very old indeed. My sunglasses tie in with the black and white theme too and are by my favourite brand Quay Australia

How's your summer unfolding? Are you jumping for joy or dancing in the streets? Do drop me a line - I'd love to hear what you're getting up to. I'll be back on Sunday with my next offering at the second summer exhibition. Do swing by if you have a moment!

                                                                                                  Anna x


Pastels - our Style Not Age challenge

Hello and welcome to the Style Not Age challenge which this month has the ladies of the collective featuring pastels thanks to Emma. After a bit of thought I decided to showcase my beautiful mermaid coat in its many pastel hues (see the first time here). Steve bought me this for Christmas (it was from Topshop) and I've been waiting to feature it on the beach in true mermaid style. However I had to draw the line at actually plunging into the sea as I fancy these are really sequins and not scales. 

Steve and I went to Borough beach just after sunrise on Easter Sunday and the surroundings looked pretty idyllic. It was high tide and the beach was bathed in a gorgeous soft light. This is such a dreamy beach, don't you think? There are rocks at either end of the cove but its smooth sand stretches from end to end without rocks or pebbles making it family friendly for paddling and swimming. Straight ahead of me lies the uninhabited island of St Helen's which is a prime picnic spot as well as offering a safe anchorage for yachts and beyond that is Round Island with the lighthouse on top of the rugged cliff tops. It used to be manned when I first came here over 40 years ago, but is now operated remotely. The bleak wailing of the foghorn drones on during thick pea-soupers warning boats of the treacherous rocks nearby.

Anyway let's take a look at how my blogging friends tackled this month's challenge and we can come back for a few more beach shots at the end shall we?

Jacqui has entered into the swing of things with her rear view too. But here's her pretty pastel offering from the front as well -

Tres chic ma cherie! Catch the full story on Mummabstylish blog.

Here's another cheeky shot this time from Emma of Style Splash. I love this combination of coral and lilac, don't you?

Hilda is playing full tease here, so there's no choice but to zip right across to Over The Hilda blog to see what's to be revealed ...

I do feel that I have an unfair advantage with what Mother Nature has laid on for us on this perfect cove. The silky soft sand has captured the rosy morning glow and the tide is on its best behaviour with not a rogue wave in sight. 

Excuse me if I look pleased as punch in this fabulous twinkly layer, but honestly this does make me feel rather glamorous in a beach babe kinda way! I did a fair bit of twirling around and generally swooping about in a non-mermaid fashion. Thank goodness we had the beach to ourselves!

My swimsuit was a super find in TK Maxx last summer and was first showcased here

The golden dawn obliged me perfectly with this pastel challenge. I do hope you enjoyed this month's feature. Next month it's my turn to choose a theme, so I'd better get my thinking cap on!

As always, I'm so grateful to have these islands as my home, my most beautiful home. To be steeped in this kind of imagery enriches my life on a daily basis. I could never take island life for granted nor walk away from the opportunities it affords me. I do hope that you're able to count your blessings today and find things in nature to bring pleasure to your life too. 

Have a super week!

Anna x


New yellow dress for the Easter show

Hello, and how was Easter for you? Did you overindulge in chocolate? There was certainly a great combined effort in our family to eat our entire body weight in chocolate!

We opened our Easter show on Saturday amidst much excitement and bustle. It was a super evening following on from what has been summer-like weather which really helped to bring out the crowd for our opening night party. 

I changed my mind at the last minute as to what I would wear - mainly because it was so blooming hot! I'd planned to wear a maxi dress with sock boots, but thought I might expire in the extreme heat of the gallery. We opened the doors and skylights though and it wasn't too bad after all.

Anyway, back to the dress. I bought it recently in TK Maxx and the brand is Never Fully Dressed. I thought it would be useful for the summer as it's a lovely lightweight fabric with a super silky feel. It's one of those dresses that once it's on you completely forget about it. That surely has to be a sign that it works. No tugging, wrinkling, riding up or itching of labels - no this one is a keeper. The material is very thin though, so I have a half length slip underneath it. 

The early sunshine really caught me out here as I hadn't done any fake tanning on my legs and so I had to find some sheer tights for the occasion. Luckily I have a big stash of all colours of tights and these natural ones were brand new from M&S. The shoes are quite old and were from New Look, but they work really well with the dress, don't you think?

As for jewellery, I'm wearing my favourite, but very old oversized pearls which were from Debenhams many moons ago. The cuff is brass, also old and the rings are the citrine one my husband bought me for my birthday this year and there's also the charity shop silver and enamel one. And yes, my trusted old favourite sunnies are from Quay Australia.

Now that I've worn this pretty frock to an exhibition I shall downgrade it to an everyday dress purely because of the ease of wearing. I don't have enough of these kind of dresses and they really do make it much easier to put an outfit together. 

And finally. Apologies for being a day late with my feature this week. Easter weekend was a busy time, with not only the first exhibition of the season, but it was also my big wardrobe changeover day on Sunday. I spent 7 hours moving suitcases, boxes and assorted bags out of cupboards to be emptied and refilled with winter clothes. It did cross my mind to take some shots of the event for you, but I reckon you've seen it all before. I've still got one suitcase to go through next weekend and that ought to be the deed all done. As usual there were some lovely surprises as well as some not so lovely ones, for instance the shrinking of last summer's trousers whilst in storage is probably not a true thing, but more likely is evidence of me still carrying a couple of winter kilos in places I'd rather not have!

And this is the gallery and how it looks with the current show on the walls. It's not often that we have a plethora of sorbet coloured paintings on display nor do I always match the artworks so very well! I'm wearing some of my latest purchases - trousers, tee shirt and biker jacket are all from Primark and the brocade trainers are by Replay. This is the moment between preparing the gallery for the evening ahead and finishing the day's trading. A final check of everything to make sure all is as it ought to be and then Polly and I scoot off home for a bite to eat and a quick change ready for the party.

I'll be back again on Thursday this week with my first summer trouser suit (as promised) and then on the last Monday of the month it'll be time for our monthly style challenge. For the next little while I'm going to post on Mondays and Thursdays to see if it helps my busy routine. Thanks for joining me again and I do hope you'll still find time to visit on those days!

                                                                                             Anna x


A burst of spring weather

Last week we were blessed with a spell of spring-like weather, prompting me to pack away my winter sweaters and bring out some summer dresses. (The story is somewhat different now at the time of writing, as I listen to the hail bounce off the roof of our lean-to.) Anyway, Polly and I certainly did make hay while the sun shines meaning my blog will be populated for the next little while by some sunny shots of me in the idyllic March sunshine.

My pretty dress is new from TK Maxx, the brand is Mango and I bought it for £15. I think it's going to be very useful. I cinched in the waist with a second hand leather and elastic belt. 

When I bought it I had no idea of how well it would go with these ASOS boots. Don't they look fab together? Oh how I love a bit of matchy-matchy!

Brocade boots were on trend a couple of years ago and I bought two pairs from ASOS at that time, knowing full well that I'd still want to wear them long after the trend had passed. So here they are, making a perfect entrance hand in hand with the floral frock in similar shades of orange, lilac and green. The mesh dotty tights in lilac are very old - it was a lovely surprise to find them in the bottom of the drawer looking like the ideal thing for this ensemble.

The set of plastic necklace and matching bracelet is a recent charity shop find, purchased during the same shopping spree in the hope that it would work with this outfit. At only £3 for the pair it was a good find. The ring is pre-loved too. The sunglasses are by Guess and were from TK Maxx.

There's nothing better than a floaty dress to make a girl feel all feminine...

... and in need of a twirl ...

... or two!

This is my giddy face after a few spins too many.

Here's a little snippet of island life. This landing craft arrived on the beach moments after Polly and I finished our photo shoot. It had been hired to take away all of the old vehicles and metal detritus that had accumulated over the years. The massive spring clean filled the boat to the gunnel's. After a few days of loading her up, it left on Friday in the fog.

So that's all from the lovely Isles of Scilly for the moment. I'll be back in a few days and hope you'll join me then.

Have a super week!

Anna x

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