Our Style Not Age challenge for May

The last Monday of the month means we're ready for May's Style Not Age challenge. It was Hilda's turn to choose this time and she has asked that we take our inspiration from the Sky and Sea. Obviously this was no hardship for me! I'm keen to see how the others tackled this one though...

Starting with Hilda; she's looking resplendent her bright blue Kimono from Zara which she bought a couple of years ago. See her story on her blog Over The Hilda.

Emma is wearing a vintage dress the pattern of which is similar to light playing on water. She's wearing cloud earrings to tie in with the challenge too. See more on her blog Style Splash

Gail has chosen aqua and blue to echo the Sea and Sky theme with a liberal dose of metallics to add that sunny sparkle - a great interpretation! Find out more on Is This Mutton.

Blue sky and white fluffy clouds were the inspiration for Jacqui's outfit. Her latest passion for her white trainers completes this cute look. Catch up with all of her news on Mummabstylish.

How lucky am I to have the turquoise sea right on my doorstep for this fabulous challenge! I'd been swimming on the other side of the island at Cradle Porth only an hour before this and was still buzzing with the afterglow. I swear that sea swimming actually gives me more energy!

I opted for these aqua jeans from Tesco's to reflect the clear sea colour. They're cotton with a bit of stretch which is just as well as I fancy that they're a bit more snug than last summer... The brand of the pale blue and white blouse is Kew159 and was a charity shop find - I thought this was a perfect rendition of the sky. I rummaged around in my jewellery box and found this aqua and white rope necklace to tie in with the theme. My favourite white and black Quay Australia sunglasses work really well with this ensemble.

Both my rings and the necklace are pre-loved. The suede belt was a purchase from Benetton a few years ago.

To complete the look I've added these turquoise metallic pumps, rather ancient though they are, but still very wearable. I bought them from Primark donkey's ages ago and had lost them in the back of the cupboard until recently. 

Thanks for joining us for this month's challenge - I do hope you've enjoyed it. I'll be back on Friday with my long awaited 6 year blogging anniversary post. I'm working on that currently and can't promise how it'll look apart from very colourful!

I hope you can join me for that on Friday!

Anna x

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