Friday's Finery

Hello again! So, here's Friday's outfit - a fabulous jumpsuit from The Finery. It was on the mannequin in the window of the British Heart Foundation shop in Penzance when I was there in the spring. The colours are so eye-catching that it stopped me in my tracks. I was heading to catch my flight home and was carrying my holdall, whilst wearing a jacket that unfortunately had a stain on the front. I mention all of this because it's perhaps why I was spoken to the way I was...

I made my way to the back of the shop and found an assistant steaming clothes in the back room. I asked her what size the jumpsuit in the window was and she said it was a 12. Great, I responded, Can I buy it? At which, she looked me up and down, clocked what she thought was a bag lady and snapped, "It's £20!". "Great" I repeated and she stomped off to retrieve it. Never judge a book by it's cover, eh? To my utter delight, the jumpsuit turned out to be brand new with the labels still attached. I don't buy from The Finery myself, but checked out the website and can see another jumpsuit in the sale in baby blue...

My lace top is old, from New Look a couple of summer's ago, but works well under this neckline. The jumpsuit came with a long sash in the same block colour as the hemline, but I changed that up for a stretch belt in purple. 

None of my accessories are new. Why does that make me feel so virtuous? Probably because last week's outfit was almost totally new I suppose. Anyway, apart from the £20 jumpsuit the rest comes from my closet and jewellery collection. Even the sunglasses are old, by Radley London.

My silver and white sandals (Topshop) are very old indeed and were even passed on from my daughter a few years ago.

Fiona did me proud again with our after work photo session. Some of you may recognise that I didn't venture far from my workplace to get these in the bag. 

                                                                         Anna x


Check me out!

Yay, it's Friday!

My blogging schedule has gone a bit haywire this week, but here I am with today's offering. I have a confession to make about this outfit - I've actually worn this three times in a week! Most unlike me I know, but goodness this new frock from The Finery has captivated me to the point that I really can't see past it. I'm managing to leave a space of a day in between wears, but it's a full-on love affair currently. If you click on the link above you'll see that they have a half price sale on at the moment. The British brand is sleek and stylish with a edge that stops it being too conservative. This is the second dress from this brand that I've bought this summer (see the other here) and I must admit I'm a convert.

I adore the various sizes of check, but also the design of the dress itself is just that little bit quirky which reminds me of a Vivienne Westwood piece. I like the nod to the cold shoulder trend too. Rings are preloved, sunglasses are by Quay Australia and the necklace is by Melissa James Jewellery.

I suppose that the other reason this outfit is an all time favourite of mine is the joy of these red sock boots which add a punch of colour to an otherwise monochrome palette. The black and red preloved ring is a sweet tie in too - oooo how I love these little touches!

As I view the autumn/winter season ahead I have the odd slight moment of panic as I wonder if these boots will last another year. Red boots seem to be a neutral for me, working with so much of my winter wardrobe. It goes without saying that you'll be seeing a lot of these again over the next six months. 

The dress is made from a kind of cheesecloth material meaning no ironing is required. I say that as I may have just happened to leave it sprawled across a chair between wears and it looked fine next time on. I seem to have hit on one of those crazy, hectic times on the home and work front, hence the late post from me today. We are about to have three lots of friends coming to visit the island over the next week, so I'll make my apologies in advance for the erratic timing of my posts - I'll be giving you that insiders view of the JD Williams shoot soon though, I promise!

As I twirl off into the distance I'll wish you a very lovely weekend and hope to catch up with you again soon. My final shot is from the other morning when I was out for my early morning swim. The sun was rising over the Eastern Isles and by the time I reached Green beach the sea looked like liquid gold. These solitary swims are made all the more special by images like this.

Anna x
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