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I've not managed to meet up with many other fashion bloggers since I started this caper and that's probably down to living in such a remote part of the British Isles. When Kezzie spent a day on the island last summer I was quick to offer my services as tour guide which resulted in a very happy time for us all (her mother played the part of blog photographer). Read about our day here

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting up with Mary aka The Pouting Pensioner. We decided that the Ruin Beach Cafe was the best spot to share a cuppa and swap our blogging stories, and so it was. As you can see it's a pretty idyllic setting, not to mention the delicious menu that covers the whole day. I have lots of food intolerances, but never have any problem eating here.

Mary was here on holiday with her family who have all stayed on the island many times before. My role as tour guide was therefore redundant, but we had a fair old chinwag for a couple of hours before I confessed it was time for me to get back to work. We thought we ought to have some more photos before I did and set off to find a good spot. The sun was high in the sky making it difficult to capture the sea view without us ending up in shadow. We crossed the lawn and alighted on a view over towards Northwethel island. And this is where the fun began. Without my tripod I was flummoxed as to where to prop my camera to get a good shot. I suggested a bench, but Mary said it'd be too low; she was right. A few shrubs and lots of low lying lush plants were all that was around us, until I spotted a big boulder behind some Agapanthus. With that we agreed where the right spot would be for us to stand which did however, entail a bit of clambering over a bed of mesembryanthemums which covered rocks and also hid a fair few dips and holes too. Mary and I pussy-footed our way across to a flat rock. Yes, this was ideal. I left Mary in place and proceeded to set up the timer for 10 seconds and zoomed in for the shot. "Wait!" said Mary, "Bring me my phone so that I can get my angle of this too." And this is how we got the perfect selfie -

And this is the shot -

Mary suggested we take another for good luck, but you'll kinda get my drift when I say that the second run-through was pretty much like the first. Mary and I wandered back across the island, chatting nineteen to the dozen until we parted, me to work and she to her family. Our common bond of blogging helped us overcome that getting-to-know-you phase as we fast forwarded to subjects like instagram stalkers, collaborations and what we hope to get out of blogging long term. Mary is a warm and kind soul, intelligent and funny with lots to say as you'll see on her blog. As we said our goodbyes I was pleased to know that we'd thoroughly enjoyed our meet up despite is being so brief. Kezzie and Mary both left the islands smitten with the sights in a way neither of them had expected. That's the magic of the Isles of Scilly I'd say; nothing really goes on here - just peace and quiet, beautiful landscapes and seascapes with time to do what you want, at the pace you choose.

Later that day, Steve called me up to say Happy Anniversary. We'd forgotten somehow, in the run of our everyday lives, that it was our 36th year of being married. He suggested that we go off-island to one of the desert islands that are scattered around the main islands. The sun shone down as we headed across the sea to Tean, the same island that we visited when Johnnie and Tiggy were here earlier in the summer. 

Our hastily gathered picnic comprised mostly of beer, nuts and chocolate; all the vital elements for a perfectly balanced diet.

We had an inquisitive visitor while we ate. Maybe seals are like dogs and have a great sense of smell. He kept bobbing about, looking at us and disappearing for a minute or two just to reappear further along the bay. If it was an invitation to join him, I declined. We're still awash with Men of War jellyfish that have lethal stings in their long tentacles. I've had to hang up my cossie for the past few weeks as I don't want to have the close encounter that could put me off sea swimming altogether. The biggest ones have tentacles that are 30ft long!

Heading off home before the sun dipped out of sight.

And here's the photo shoot from the morning before all of this unfolded.

I'm smitten with these fabulous pink shoes. But, I seem to have bought them in too big a size - this is why I hate online shopping! If I were savvy enough, I'd have known to buy them in a couple of sizes. I've added insoles, to no effect as I still walk out of them. I wonder if thick tights might give a bit of grip? If you're got any ideas to remedy this and make them wearable, I'd love to hear from you.

Outfit details - shoes and trousers: H&M, jacket and shirt: Next, sunglasses: Sainsbury's, rings: gifts.

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