The Topshop sale

Hi there, how's your week going? I was away in London last weekend and had a fabulous time, the details of which I'm going to share with you next time, but here's a little taster. No trip to the mainland would be complete without a tad of shopping, would it? I'm wearing what seems to the working woman's summer uniform. I clocked all of the chic Londoners wearing the long summer dress with white sneakers which seems to be the practical answer in hot weather. The dresses are all the rage and even though I'm no slave to fashion, I just loved this look. 

I'll be completely honest with you, I really didn't enjoy shopping in London at all. Saturday afternoon, Oxford Street, sunny - do you get the picture? It was heaving: absolutely chock-a-block with shoppers and tourists and it was a big mistake to think I would be able to shop under those conditions. I spilled out of the tube at Oxford Circus and got no further than Topshop thinking I might just take refuge there. Wrong! The sale was on and it was teaming with bargain hunters. This dress and shoes are from the Topshop in Truro where I had a much more relaxed experience. 

My new sunglasses are Topshop's own brand.

My rings are both charity shopped from a long time ago, teamed with this contemporary black and silver necklace by Melissa James.  I'm a big fan of Melissa's work as she always has a slightly funky take on classic pieces. We sell the range in the gallery and it's very popular, and not just with me!

A simple white trainer is a must-have for this cool summer look and mine are the CABO lace up from Topshop for £24. You could, of course, opt for your favourite Stan Smith's for an uber chic look, but I was more than happy with this low price version.

Are you a fan of this look? I wore mine to work yesterday, earning me quite a few compliments. The dress is cool and airy, the shoes are broad fitting and therefore all day comfortable - always a bonus for those of us who have an active job. 

I'm quite excited to share my London antics with you. Some of you may follow me on Instagram and might have caught up with My Stories last weekend, but for the rest of you I'll be posting the feature on Sunday for you to enjoy. 

In the meantime, have a super weekend!

Anna x

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