The Best of the Rest

Welcome to our round-up of the last show of the year, The Best of the Rest, which showcases five of our established and new artists. Above on the left is Morag Hensleigh and right, Patricia Wilson who enjoyed their first ever exhibition with Gallery Tresco. To say the evening was a success is an understatement, as we were inundated with lovely guests staying on the island, all keen to see this diverse mixed collection. At one point we had clients queueing up outside the door as our helpers broke open box after box of glasses to pass wine around to those waiting in the evening sunshine. See the full spread of work here. Both Morag and Patricia sold two paintings each which was a wonderful start to their evening. International artist Hugo Grenville also kicked off his sales with one as did Sara Bor. Our end of the evening photo reflects the post-opening relaxed atmosphere as we raised a glass to a very successful party.

All set up and ready for the fray!

I make no apologies for this repeat outfit, well almost repeat, apart from swapping trousers for a skirt - see the first version here. I simply love this mermaid coat and couldn't let the opportunity pass me by to swoosh about to the shushing sound of this wonderful jacket once again. Steve bought me this from Topshop for my Christmas present. The beaded vest top was also from Topshop, but was a second hand find some time ago (£2.50). The metallic skirt adds to the completely over-the-top sparkliness of the ensemble. It was from Tu at Sainsburys ages ago and cost me all of £5. "I see you've gone for the understated look" quipped hubby as I dashed past him, sweeping by like some minor celeb.

Rose gold mirror sunglasses are by my fave brand, Quay Australia. Rings are pre-loved.

My pale gold satin kitten heels are from Wallis, and may be vintage by now.

One final swoosh!

I was definitely giddy with excitement as we drew a line under the show schedule for another year. The relief of finishing on such a high was a bonus for all involved. My back up team of girls have done me proud again, as did Jack the chef who supplied us with delicious canapes throughout the year. A final thank you goes to Fiona who stepped up as my blog photographer in the final stretch. Thanks to you all!

                                                                                             Anna x


Summer show 1

Hello and welcome our first summer exhibition evening at the gallery. Last night our artist in attendance was Flynn O'Reilly who basked in the glorious weather and revelled in his opening night party. To say that the gallery was busy is an understatement and we all worked hard like the ubiquitous swan, graceful on the surface and pedalling like billy-oh under the surface.

Before the masses descended. Flynn's artwork hangs proudly on the back wall and drew him lots of interest over the course of the evening. He spent a couple of hours chatting to clients, discussing the work which was produced as a result of his winter residency on the island. His reward was to sell his first piece on the night, setting him up for a good show. See the full collection of the July shows here.

The first show in the bag, we stepped outside for a few snapshots of the event.

I'll admit it: I've already peaked outfit-wise! I wish I could be of the mindset to save the best 'til last, but the glorious summer weather plus the siren's call of my mermaid coat clinched it. All I can say is that you'll surely see this fabulous coat on another exhibition evening. 

The evening sunshine bounced off the iridescent scales/sequins of the coat, causing it to shimmer and dazzle. It garnered lots of compliments too as I explained that Steve had given me it for Christmas - on land as in the water, I'm forever a mermaid I joked. The coat was from Topshop, but no longer available I'm afraid. I've slipped a beaded vest top underneath - a charity shop find (£2.50) again the brand is Topshop and the satin trousers were a gift from my daughter. I love to put a look together that looks unique but that hasn't cost the earth. Recycling clothes is one of my pet loves as you know.

My thanks to Harriet, a visiting friend who kindly donated these fantastic rosy-hued mirrored sunglasses to me. They're by my favourite brand Quay Australia  who have a 25% offer on at the moment, so hurry and grab yourself a bargain. (I link through to them because I love them, no other reason.)

Yet another outfit that delivers the wonderful swoosh factor! Not only that, but when I walk, the coat rustles making a noise like the sea receding across shells on the shore.

Both rings are pre-loved and ridiculous bargains from a Truro charity shop.

I've had these satin kitten heels for years. They were from Wallis. I love the pale mint green lozenge gemstones adding a bit of bling to what might have been too much classic understatement otherwise.

I'm so fortunate to have an excuse to dress up to the nines like this. With one exhibition every 10 days over July and August, Polly and I are constantly planning the next outfit. I'm, needless to say, in my element bringing out all of my sparkly over-the-top ensembles, but I also have a couple of new dresses that are much more the floaty look than awash with bling. You know me, ever the chameleon! 

So that's it, one exhibition down and five to go. I do hope you've enjoyed the first round up of our summer shows and that you'll join me for the next one. In the meantime I hope to see you again at the weekend!

Enjoy the rest of the week!

                                                                                      Anna x


Pastels - our Style Not Age challenge

Hello and welcome to the Style Not Age challenge which this month has the ladies of the collective featuring pastels thanks to Emma. After a bit of thought I decided to showcase my beautiful mermaid coat in its many pastel hues (see the first time here). Steve bought me this for Christmas (it was from Topshop) and I've been waiting to feature it on the beach in true mermaid style. However I had to draw the line at actually plunging into the sea as I fancy these are really sequins and not scales. 

Steve and I went to Borough beach just after sunrise on Easter Sunday and the surroundings looked pretty idyllic. It was high tide and the beach was bathed in a gorgeous soft light. This is such a dreamy beach, don't you think? There are rocks at either end of the cove but its smooth sand stretches from end to end without rocks or pebbles making it family friendly for paddling and swimming. Straight ahead of me lies the uninhabited island of St Helen's which is a prime picnic spot as well as offering a safe anchorage for yachts and beyond that is Round Island with the lighthouse on top of the rugged cliff tops. It used to be manned when I first came here over 40 years ago, but is now operated remotely. The bleak wailing of the foghorn drones on during thick pea-soupers warning boats of the treacherous rocks nearby.

Anyway let's take a look at how my blogging friends tackled this month's challenge and we can come back for a few more beach shots at the end shall we?

Jacqui has entered into the swing of things with her rear view too. But here's her pretty pastel offering from the front as well -

Tres chic ma cherie! Catch the full story on Mummabstylish blog.

Here's another cheeky shot this time from Emma of Style Splash. I love this combination of coral and lilac, don't you?

Hilda is playing full tease here, so there's no choice but to zip right across to Over The Hilda blog to see what's to be revealed ...

I do feel that I have an unfair advantage with what Mother Nature has laid on for us on this perfect cove. The silky soft sand has captured the rosy morning glow and the tide is on its best behaviour with not a rogue wave in sight. 

Excuse me if I look pleased as punch in this fabulous twinkly layer, but honestly this does make me feel rather glamorous in a beach babe kinda way! I did a fair bit of twirling around and generally swooping about in a non-mermaid fashion. Thank goodness we had the beach to ourselves!

My swimsuit was a super find in TK Maxx last summer and was first showcased here

The golden dawn obliged me perfectly with this pastel challenge. I do hope you enjoyed this month's feature. Next month it's my turn to choose a theme, so I'd better get my thinking cap on!

As always, I'm so grateful to have these islands as my home, my most beautiful home. To be steeped in this kind of imagery enriches my life on a daily basis. I could never take island life for granted nor walk away from the opportunities it affords me. I do hope that you're able to count your blessings today and find things in nature to bring pleasure to your life too. 

Have a super week!

Anna x

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