Flower power!

I should have put out a sunglasses alert for this one! This is my new flower power jacket, a real throwback to the fashion of my teens (that's the 70's in case you couldn't guess). I came across it in TK Maxx earlier this summer and have been itching to have the opportunity to wear it. The recent downturn in the weather provided the perfect silver lining to these storm clouds giving me a chance to add a pop or two of citrus brights to the jazziest of jackets.

Here's the brand ...

... and here's the price. Not too shabby eh?

The observant amongst you will notice that I decided to flip my bag around letting you see the simple, featureless nature of the back - clever of me, don't you think? And done on purpose, of course.

The smock jacket is canvas, fully lined and adorned with these crazy vinyl flowers on the orange trim. It took only a heartbeat for me to decide to try it on and less than a minute to decide to buy it - the look is flower power, flamboyant and completely over the top, therefore is an utter joy to me. 

I added John Lennon retro sunnies (from River Island), a wide orange and gold bangle, one plastic ring and another oversized one, plus that natty little straw bag (all preloved) to continue with the hippy chick theme. No-one could ever accuse me of taking myself seriously could they?

The cute sweater is by Tu, picked up in the summer sale last year and perfect to wear with this jacket with its double trumpet sleeves. And the trousers are preloved, by Zara and seen recently on the blog after a trip to London (see here) and that's where I found this hand carved wooden necklace too.

These River Island sandals are retro pieces too being many, many years old; too many for me to remember. The rubber soles are great shock absorbers and the angle of the platform is not too steep to be uncomfortable - they're all day wonders these ones!

Sunshine and showers pretty much sums up the weather of the day. I have a day off tomorrow and had been hoping to have an end of day picnic when Steve finishes work so I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that the fresh weather front blows though by late afternoon. All being well, I can share a new off-island adventure with you on next time as Steve and I visit a different uninhabited island for the first time. We've suddenly decided that we really ought to visit as many of these smaller islands as we can, just because we can, and I'll be capturing as much of this on camera as possible. I do hope that you're having a good week wherever you are. Seemingly we in the UK are about to have another burst of that summer heatwave again, but this weekend I'll be thinking of my lovely friend Bo who lives in Portugal and is being promised temperatures of 48 degrees! She left the UK with her son and husband nearly 10 years ago, looking for a milder climate, but really - 48 degrees? That's blooming ridiculous!

Until next time, take care!
Anna x

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