Mighty monchrome

I'm a flighty type when it come to dressing, as you'll surely know by now. One minute it's all Barbie leggings and leopard print bikini top and the next, this simple monochrome look. I love being a chameleon. This skirt has been showcased recently in the post "As suggested by ...Joan" and I won't apologise for that as I love it so much. Today's offering is a variation on that theme - I thought it would be fun to pair the skirt with this satin jacket, after giving my other satin one an outing recently. I know it won't be jacket weather for much longer!

This sweet knitted top was a gift from Ann of Kremb de la Kremb recently. One of the perks of our global game of clothes ping pong is that we often include an extra piece that may work for one from the other. Ann sent me a couple of things - this very fine sweater which fits me perfectly and the other was a midi length skirt that Polly snaffled as it was a bit too big for me. I love the simplicity of the top which works perfectly when put with all of the pattens going on here. The shoes are new, from H&M sale some time ago and are downright copies of the ones my daughter bought last winter. Thank goodness she's not upset when I copy her style, and neither am I if she copies mine. 

Details - jacket: New Look, shoes: H&M, skirt: H&M, sweater: gift, tights: Walford, belt: H&M, rings: charity shop.

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