My antidote to the winter blahs

Hello again and how are you? Well, I hope. Today I'm sharing my antidote to the winter blahs, which as you can see it a blast of colour. Every winter I struggle with the winter blues aka Seasonal Affective Disorder and this year I've deliberately introduced some eye-popping colours to my wardrobe in an attempt to hold things at bay.

Let's talk about the elephant in the room first though. The micro mini skirt is completely out of character for me - as a rule I don't do mini skirts (or cleavage) on principle, but this riot of colour caught my attention on a recent trawl of the charity shops in Truro and I just couldn't say no. The brand is Topshop and I must that admit on seeing the shots of it, in particular how very short it is, I do wonder how many more times I'll be brave enough to wear it. 

You can see the attraction of this Navajo inspired skirt though, can't you?

Moving swiftly one then, let's talk about the star burst brothel creepers shall we? I bought these in one of my most favourite (non-charity) shops in Truro, Enjoy Clothing, which is bang in the centre of the city. The shoes are by a brand called T.U.K. and are rather fabulous don't you think? The day I tried them on I was wearing my bright pink and red woollen winter coat and the shop assistant said "Well, of course you'll have to buy those!" and how right she was.

I think I gotta call these my cosmic creepers from now on.

The orange puffa jacket is by Topshop and was in the sale last month. It's super cosy and will be perfect with jeans too. I have to get out and about a lot in the winter, mostly on my bike and this will be ideal for keeping me warm as I buzz about on my winter chores. The pink fluffy jumper was another happy find in the retro shop - the brand is Wild Flower and this wasn't second hand either. The pop of pink will cheer up any dull day.

I managed to hijack Steve at the end of this lunch break to do a quick photo shoot of this version of the outfit. This is the beach right in front of our house at New Grimsby. The shots with me in the long coat were done at Old Grimsby on my own with tripod and timer. 

The pink resin ring was a gift and the orange one is was made by a local lady some time ago.

That mini skirt doesn't seem to look any longer when I wear it at the other side of the island!

And golly, when I sit down it looks just like a colourful belt!

Anyway folks, I do hope that today's outfit has acted as a pick-me-up for you too. Before you all rush to say the skirt is fine, I'm honestly okay about my Bridget Jones Absent From Work skirt (hope you remember that scene too). The thick black tights (cotton/bamboo and very comfy) do help enormously. And I've decided that if I can't bear to wear it again, the skirt will make an utterly fabulous cushion cover!

Until next time, my lovelies, have a great week!

Anna x

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