Windsmoor dress

A Windsmoor dress - how very conservative of me! I've taken myself by surprise with this one you know. Last week while I was away on the mainland, I just happened to slip into one of my favourite Truro charity shops and this took my eye. The classic shape looked as if it might be figure flattering, so off I went to the changing room. Some changing rooms in charity shops comprise of a tiny, badly lit curtained-off area, housing a wobbly chair rammed into a corner with one measly hook which threatens to fall off the wall if you dare hang anything up on it. They generally also suffer with shrunken curtain syndrome where the sad scrap of material hangs mid-air with little or no chance of touching the wall on both sides, resulting in a bit of strategic shuffling and hopping about as you make vain attempts at pinning it closed using shopping bags; ultimately it leaves you with the decision as to which bit of you you is going to be revealed to the loiterers queueing outside. In this particular shop however, there is a properly designed changing room area, with two generously billowing curtained compartments which are brightly lit and have room for both chair and shelf for ones handbag as well as several hooks to accommodate an extensive trying on session. No wonder it's one of my favourites!

I've always thought of Windsmoor as being a terribly grown up brand, but then it occurred to me that maybe at 60 I'm grown up enough to wear it now. On trying it on I discovered that yes, the cut is very flattering and the silky fabric, although a man made polyester, did in fact swish about as if it were more like silk. The front of the dress crosses over with a slight gathering above the waist and the neckline finishes with some stitches to avoid any over exposure. The dress has two very tiny shoulder pads. The longer length too which I thought might be a bit grannyish was instead saying stylish and elegant. All in all, Windsmoor had won me over! £10 very well spent I say.

I'm showcasing my new (preloved) Cupcake handbag which was from the Harrogate charity-fest. It's compact and bijou one might say and pretty enough to compliment this 40's style dress. I have two rose gold bangles worn with my Emily Nixon ring on one hand and the other ring is preloved. The pink elasticated belt is from eBay.

The silver and rose gold feather necklace and matching bracelet came in a box that states "When feathers appear, angels are near" - isn't that lovely? This was gift from my dear friend Bo. 

I'm slightly bemused that this little critter seems to have flown out of my ear!

These gold wedge sandals came from TK Maxx last year and hopefully will earn their keep in my wardrobe again this summer. Yikes! Did I just say summer? Yes it's nearly June, and I can hardly believe we're half way into another year. Where on earth did the time go?

I've already worn this dress twice since I bought it; the other time I accessorised with my big pearl necklace and swapped the sandals for mid green suede Mary Jane's - it was a much more 40's look which earned me a few compliments on the day. I'm rather pleased with this new frock and can see it will be very useful over the next couple of months. What do you think about this rather conventional style - is it something that you would or already do wear? I'd love to have your feedback. 

Have a great day!
Anna x

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