Another pop of pink!

This time last week I was advocating a hefty dose of colour as my prescription against the winter blahs and this week I'm back to reinforce that message. A pop of pink can work wonders when it comes to chasing the blues away. 

The main event here has to be this rather fabulous trench coat, a charity shop find from last month's dash around town in Truro which yielded a very rich seam of treasure. The brand is Topshop and cost all of £4, but I have to add a dry cleaning bill to that as it was quite marked, although that's remedied now. It has a rubberised finish meaning it really is waterproof rather than just masquerading as a raincoat as so many do.

The other great feature of the coat is the gingham lining, of course. I'd already found this mini skirt earlier in the day (another Topshop pre-loved piece) so when I saw this coat it felt like one of those meant-to-be moments. I've been itching to put this outfit together and must admit it did live up to be all that I'd hoped for. Pink and grey do pack a mighty punch, especially when you throw gingham into the mix. The grey polo neck was from Primark last year, the elastic belt was from eBay a couple of years ago, the necklace was a boutique find earlier this year, but the rest of the ensemble is second hand. 

Oh well, I've put off mentioning these for long enough - yes, I've finally succumbed to over the knee boots! I know I've debated this dilemma in the past, trying to talk myself out of this desire to buy a pair before it's too late (for me as opposed to the trend). This year seems to be my sod-it year where I'm blasting all the rules out of the water. All the reasons which held me back previously still remain, in that my legs are still too short/chunky, I'm still not tall enough to be the willowy creature who owns this look and that I yearn to be, and surprise, surprise I'm a year older than I was last time I shared this longing with you. So what this means is that at the grand old age of sixty I've come to realise that life's too short to wait for my stars to be perfectly aligned and for me to become the woman of my dreams! This is my (and yours too) only chance at this life and I'd better get on with it!

These beauties are by Clarks, leather fronted with elastic on the back. This combination gives a great fit which is probably what convinced me to buy them. Ideally I would have preferred to have a slight high heel (not a Pretty Woman heel, just enough to help elongate my not-so-long legs). However, when I tried them on in the shop (TK Maxx where they were retailing at half price for £75) I was wearing black skinny jeans and these boots looked great, well great enough for me to jump at them. 

The clutch is another pre-loved piece, stashed away for months waiting for its timely debut, et viola! And you'll no doubt recognise my most favourite pair of Quay Australia sunglasses that look as if they were just made to wear with today's ensemble. (Big sigh, as I swoon at this blissful coming together of these elements!)

The boots also look fab with the micro mini skirt from last week (see here). I thought I'd just add that before Jude or Sheila come back at me with that suggestion - don't worry girls, I'll show you that another time! My photographer of the day was Steve and I did suggest how more suited this outfit would be for an outing in London, and bless him, he agreed. I fancy we won't get away together this winter, but maybe we can have a mini-break in the spring ...

I thought it might make a nice change for you to see a bit of different scenery today. The cottage behind me is called Pentle Cottage, one of the holiday cottages, near to Pentle Bay. My attempts at gadding about as Polly and I do, somehow didn't quite work, but I kinda like them anyway.

I hope you've enjoyed today's pop of pink and that you might consider a sweep of pink lipstick or perhaps a mohair scarf in this sweetest of colours to add a touch of fun to your day. And my finishing words might cheer you up too - take heart, I've not bought one single Christmas present yet! 

Anna x

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