And yet more agapanthus!

Hello lovelies and yes, here I am in my back garden again! The beautiful agapanthus flowers are still in bloom and offering up such a splendid backdrop that I couldn't resist another home photo shoot. How are you this week? It's already half way through August and I'm more than a little bit panicked that the summer is almost over. As always, I had great plans for lots of off island adventures in our little boat and very few of them have materialised. Never mind, we've still got a few weeks of sunny weather left hopefully.

I dodged about from one spot to another trying to capture the best show of flowers for you -  they are such a joy, they really make me smile.

This was the last spot and probably the best as it also has the bright orange montbretia flowers too. But, let's chat about the outfit of the day, shall we? I wore this a year ago too, but it never made it onto the blog for some reason, so here (below) is that version with different necklace, earrings, no belt and slightly longer hair. Is it me, but does that 12 months make me look younger and fresher too? Yes, I know I'm my own worst critic!

Steve took this photo so maybe that has something to do with it...?

Anyway, on to the outfit. The skirt is a vintage Jaeger piece, blouse is by Jovonna from TK Maxx, belt from eBay, and flatforms are from TK Maxx too.

I totally love these sandals and am gutted to say that these two times are the only chance I've had to wear them. I say that because on the second wear I was rushing down the stairs at work when suddenly the back strap broke! I've got the shoe packed up ready to send to the cobblers on the mainland in the hope that he can stick it back together again. It needs to be pushed right inside the base of the sandal, not just glued otherwise we would do a make-do and mend job at home.

The rose gold heart pendant was a boutique find in Truro years ago and the rings are both charity shopped.

I'm pleased to report that I've had a few swims this week and do feel better for it. The pace at work seems to have plateaued out and I'm not doing so many hours (exhaustion put paid to that), which is no bad thing. I've got the weekend off and have already nipped to St Mary's to have my hair cut and then had a swim on the high tide on my return. Next on the agenda - waging war on the laundry pile and then some cooking for the freezer. Fingers crossed for some nice weather tomorrow so that Steve and I can have a trip out in the boat and have a picnic on a deserted beach somewhere.

Wishing you a super weekend!

Anna x

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