Sunny day pattern play

Hello and happy Sunday to you! 

Today's outfit comes from mid-heatwave last month when those endless sunny days just kept on coming. The change of weather has me searching for a bright and breezy outfit to act as an antidote to the rain, wind and overcast skies we are experiencing on the islands currently and this may be the very thing.

My Pleased as Punch face.

My mission of the day clearly was to wear a rainbow whilst adding a riot of pattern play too. Call me attention seeking if you like, but it's what makes me smile and injects some joy into the day at the same time. The paisley and geometric print top is by Topshop, the culottes are by Bohoo and the coral handbag is by Superbia (all are preloved) and the jewellery is a mish mash of old and charity shopped. My old favourite sunnies are by Quay and if you want to see my wishlist pair from this brand then click here to see them - how cool are they?

The criss cross suede sandals came from H&M earlier this summer and they're still available online here. I love cork wedges as they're light to wear as well as being stable to walk in making a win-win situation, yay!

Mid August seems to signal the last of the summer sales as the autumn fashions hit the high streets. Even the charity shops are changing their displays to alert us to the change in season. As ever, I shall be holding on like grim death to all of my summer finery in the hope of more sunshine on these splendid isles. With two more summer exhibitions to come, you can rest assured that all things floaty and vibrant will be evident in my ensembles for those evenings. Daywear for me won't be taking a turn into the autumnal hues quite yet as I squeeze the very last glint of sunlight out of my wardrobe.

I'll leave you with some shots, one of which I posted on my Instagram feed recently, of a wonderfully inspiring young lady who we encountered whilst out boating the other week. This intrepid traveller had circumnavigated the island of Bryher and was heading South back down the channel towards St Mary's. One backpack was stored on the front of her paddle board and on the back was another. We encountered her again two days later on a much fresher trip when she was crossing from St Mary's to St Martin's and as the choppy swell hit her she would crouch down to recover her balance from time to time. As we watched her nearing the safety of the island Steve and I agreed that this was a gutsy girl. I admire her free spirit, her bravery and thirst for adventure. Hurrah to you, young lady! 

Wishing you a joyful week!
Anna x

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