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So here we are on the 1st June and it's looking like summer. Last week I was feeling sad at the prospect of packing away the last of my winter togs; the brogues, the fancy tights, the cashmere sweaters . And today I'm in my element, sporting sandals and light cotton separates. It makes me realise how much we're living in the moment. Yes, I can look forward to holidays and the like, but whatever season we're in, I'm committed, grounded, enjoying where I am. We human beings are adaptable creatures eh?

I'm delighted that the 1st June is stepping up to the plate, giving it's very best. And by the same token, so am I. My motto is never more true than today when I'm really having fun with colour. Orange makes me feel vibrant, alive and full of energy. This positive energy has carried me through a busy day at work, interjected by a lunchtime swim, and then back to work for a hectic afternoon session in the gallery. I'm so lucky; I love my life.

The jacket came from eBay last year and brings with it a real sense of joy. It makes me smile, and so does this boho sequined and mirror speckled skirt which I think came from Monsoon, many, many moons ago. The sandals are from New Look (these are similar), and the little tee shirt hails from Primark. The armful of jangly bangles were a charity shop scoop, the rose gold watch is by Michael Kors, the rose gold bangle is by Kate Spade. The pink ring and pink bangle were both gifts. Sunglasses are by Quay Australia.

Please keep an eye out for your favourite summer item this month and do let me know if you'd like to see it, styled differently, again. I'll feature the piece as your idea on my monthly feature "As suggested by..." and give you a name check too. Join in the fun, add a comment or just email me with your thoughts.

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