My signature colour - July's Style Not Age challenge

Welcome to another Style Not Age challenge!

Suddenly it's the last Monday in July and time for this month's style challenge. Where has this month gone? Since returning to work three weeks ago I've fallen back into that crazy headless chicken mode again. In fact, it's as if I never had all of those months on furlough, getting on top of chores and making home a place of order, tidiness and calm. Now it's back to the chaos that seems to come with normal working life. But hey, let's focus on the challenge of the month - My Signature Colour. As you can see I have opted for a veritable rainbow of colours as I have no single one that is my signature. We'll have a closer look at the outfit in a minute, but first let's check out the rest of the Style collective to see what colours they chose.

Jacqui from Mummabstylish is bit like me, not able to choose only one colour, instead she's opted for this pretty pink and blue patchwork dress that she picked up in the Next sale.

Style Splash's Emma is a big fan of red and is sporting this fabulous creation by Dark Pink from Asos with co-ordinating shoes from M&S.

Blogger Gail from Is This Mutton has chosen lilac as her favourite colour and how very flattering it is! I do love the pink accessories too Gail. 

Hilda says orange/red is her colour and this looks stunning on her. She's recently had her hair coloured and it, and she, look great. Catch up with Hilda on her blog Over The Hilda.

I'm never happier than when I'm wearing bright colours and this look has it all! The Jaeger skirt is a vintage piece, pre-loved of course and a much loved favourite of mine. 

The net underskirt gives body to the skirt and add that bit of pizzazz that I so love. There's nothing understated about this outfit today, but sometimes I'm just larger than life!

The white ruffle blouse is by Jovonna, a find from TK Maxx last year and perfect for this over the top bit of dressing up. 

Much as I think the skirt and pop art shoes are perfect together...

... by adding this handbag it takes the outfit to a whole other level. It's pure riotous assembly in colour and yes, represents my signature style colourwise. 

The handbag has no label and is a charity shop find from my November shopping trip in London with my friend Ben. My rings are both charity shopped too.

A show-off outfit deserves show-off sunglasses and these old favourites are just the job! In case you've missed them before, the brand is Quay Australia.

Steve and I had an interesting time when we did this photo shoot last weekend. Within a minute of leaving the house (which is actually exactly here in this photo) the heel of my shoe came apart from the sole. In true the show must go on style, Steve bashed said heel and squeezed it back into place so that I could walk about (albeit gingerly) for the shots.

The heel came off the other shoe almost a year ago so I posted it to the cobblers in Truro to have it mended. And then when it came back, a funny thing happened. I had lost its partner. As it sat on a book shelf during the winter I kept looking at this beautiful solitary shoe mocking me for having paid £30 to have it repaired and now it seemed that it would forever be a showcase piece with its wearing days a thing of the past. I even put it out of the way at one point, annoyed at my stupidity. I questioned the chain of events. Had I just thrown the partner away when the shoe broke as I was appalled at the quote to have it repaired? The shoes had cost me £8.50 in a charity shop in Harrogate, worn only once before and now it'd cost me £30 to have it fixed? Yes, clearly I'd been so cross that I'd chucked the other one away in disgust. From time to time throughout the winter I'd come across the single shoe and get all excited that I'd found the other one. Only it wasn't! And then when I was unfurloughed I was digging through a pile of boxes at work and hey presto! The partner was in a shoebox under some files. So here's another £30 gone as I have this one repaired too. Man these shoes aren't quite the bargain I thought they were!

                                                                                   Anna x


Joie de vivre

Happy Sunday to you my lovely readers!

Today's outfit inspired these shots of joie de vivre. This is my Praise the Lord pose which sets the perfect tone for this post as I prepare for my morning stint at church, assisting the Warden with her duties.

I can't think of a better way to start the day than acknowledging how blessed I am to live where I do, surrounded by people that I love, doing a job which stretches and fulfils me. The sun doesn't always shine on this little island paradise, but that doesn't mean to say I can't start the day with joy in my heart for this wonderful life.

I ought to set these moves to music!

Polly and I spend two minutes every morning trying to capture my enthusiasm for life embodied in the outfit of the day. If I can spread a little happiness through these shots then we've done well.

I'm sure that a good old belly laugh is the best bit of exercise for both heart and lungs!

And so, on to the outfit. These shorts are vintage and have loitered in the back of my cupboard for the past couple of years, taunting me, goading me, daring me to try to style them. I bought these when Sasha and I went to Exmouth where we had a true charity shopping fest. I was drawn to the gorgeous colour of them plus the fact that they're a great vintage piece. However, they're a challenge with those darts and pleats around the tummy creating a bit of puffiness. And the length too isn't necessarily the most flattering. Yes, I'm uber self critical, I know.

I think that one of the reasons I shied away from wearing these is that they remind me of a pair of men's golfing shorts - just add some knee length Argyle socks, tongued brogues with studs on the soles and a cashmere sweater and the golfer in me would be ready to go! So for an old bird who's constantly searching for the glamour in life this was a good challenge.

The best way to glam up an outfit surely has to be to add frills, making this blouse by Jovonna (from TK Maxx) the perfect solution. Cinching the waist in with a smart belt (preloved, Country Casuals) draws the eye upwards towards the waist rather than the tummy which is another good ploy. Adding a fair old smattering of jewellery (all preloved apart from the necklace by Melissa James) is another way to ramp up the glam factor.

These pretty summer sandals were in the Sainsbury's sale last summer at £5, so not only were they a bargain, but are a great way finish to this look. I'm not normally a fan of white shoes, but Sasha, my partner in (shopping) crime, encouraged me to try them, and they have proved to be a very useful summer shoe. I'm delighted to have cracked this, and you never know, I may find another variation on this shorts ensemble to show you if summer lingers on.

I'll leave you with these shots from Blockhouse beach where I had my morning swim yesterday. The sea was calm and not too chilly at all making for a relaxing and energising start to the day. I'm heading off to the beach now before breakfast then I'll be in church by 10. If you see me, do stop me to say Hi!

Have a fab week!
Anna x

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