Forever You Beauty launch

Hello again! Here's a bit of a departure for me here on the blog - a beauty collaboration! I was approached last month by the team from Forever You Beauty asking if I'd try out their new products, made especially for the mature woman. To be perfectly honest, I don't see myself as a poster girl for any beauty product, what with my large nose, thin lips and wrinkled skin (especially on my neck). As ever, I'm the first to put myself down and did respond with a scarily honest snap to rebuff them. To my utter surprise they persisted. The brand is keen to promote each and every woman as an individual - No one is you and that is your power is their tag line. This does chime with me as, despite my lack of conventional beauty, I'm still very happy in my own skin and with having my own particular style.

The sheer sticks are made to act as multi-taskers for delivering moisture, glow and colour to cheeks, eyes, lips and body in whatever way you choose. So far I've only used them in my daily (face)make-up routine and can report that they live up to the fresh natural glow as promised. 

I use the tint as blush on the apple of the cheeks, blended into my base. The pink hue gives a natural colour and then I've topped it with a sweep of the glow as highlighter to give a lovely healthy sheen. What I love about this combination is that the stick formula is really long lasting and doesn't sink into the skin over the course of the day. Over the years I tried powder (dulls the skin and is quite aging) and cream blushes (disappears after a couple of hours), but none have had the staying power of these glossy sticks. 

Check out the Forever You website for full details of ingredients used as well as how to order. The bonus of this new brand is that they're offering a full 30 day refund if you don't like the products - even if you've used it all! With a pledge like that you really can't lose can you?

This last photo shows me after a day out with the family, where we sat outside in the sunshine for a couple of hours having a long Sunday lunch. My normal cream blush would have sunk into my skin under these conditions, but the stick blend seems to sit on top of the skin rather than disappearing. There are lots of lovely oils plus shea butter in the sticks which deliver this long lasting blend. No melting away means my fresh glow stays all day long!

Disclosure: I was gifted the set of Forever You trio. The review is my honest opinion and all words are mine.

                                                                             Anna x

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