Easy summer dressing

There can be nothing simpler for a woman to wear in the warm summer months than a maxi dress. This one is hand made, vintage too I think, and is perfect for swishing about and keeping cool. 

Everything in this outfit apart from my Quay Australia sunglasses is charity shopped - well almost everything, as my rings are c/o Gemporia. The handbag is by Topshop and sandals by Capollini. 

Coming up on the blog soon will be the Black Trouser Challenge no7, another summer exhibition outfit from the next show on Saturday, Anna Meets... will be back too after a long break, and we're only a week away from Ping Pong Piece. It's my turn to choose what we style for PPP this month and I've chosen a beach-cover up. 

Next week I'll be taking a few days off to skip over to the mainland for some appointments. If you can hear the alarm bells ringing, then you may be right. Much as I'll try to deny it, I might, just might, have time to pop into my favourite retailer, TK Maxx, to see what bargains are to be had. And yes, I could take a quick look at the charity shops too along Truro's main thoroughfare. All the good work from earlier this year when I sent boxes and boxes of clothes off to the Salvation Army may well come undone over the course of this couple of days. However, I see this almost as a bit of a public service. My purchases benefit many different charities initially and then some months later I send a consignment off to another charity for others to buy, bringing in more money. Why, I feel almost saintly with all of my good deeds!

Anna x

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