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Hello and happy Sunday to my dear readers. Here I am today on the 1st of December enjoying the dry, sunny weather. No wet-gear or winter coat required, hurrah! You may remember seeing this leopard print top from a recent shopping trip (see here). Well, this is my first bit of styling. What do you think?

The top is by Tahari and came from TK Maxx (£19.99). It's a soft and cosy man-made fabric and I chose it mostly for the colour which is neither blue nor lilac. At the time of purchase I had no idea what I'd wear it with, but a quick root around in my wardrobe resulted in this outfit.

Apart from the top, I have say that I see these boots as the star of the show today. They're DKNY and must be at least 20 years old now. I had a good look at the box when I rediscovered them the other day to see that they're called Florence and the pattern name is Wallpaper. Well I can totally understand that name as yes, they do remind me of a wallpaper pattern.

The woollen skirt (by Claire DK) boasts this adorable mini kick pleated finish which flicks as you walk. It's a very grown-up skirt. I love it and do wonder how I manage to overlook it so often when I'm searching for inspiration in my closet. It drew lots of compliments today.

This cute little coral satchel bag pushed into the scene today thanks to the blue edging. I must have picked this up in a charity shop, but it has no label. No matter, it works perfectly to add a splash of colour to the otherwise blue theme. My rings are charity shop finds.

The blue faux leather jacket is an old favourite of mine and just worked to so well with the smart casual look I wanted to create. The brand is Toxik 3. Sunglasses are by Quay Australia. 

The bargain piece of the whole ensemble is this silver chain mail belt which I picked up for £1 in a charity shop. 

Much as I've called this a pattern frenzy, I think the checks, leopard print and wallpaper pattern don't clash at all, but meld beautifully in this melody of blue. I've mostly shopped my closet too, so I always give myself a pat on the back for that. 

Thanks to Fiona, my photographer of the day. She did a great job, despite us being photo bombed by a cat at one point!

Have a great weekend!

Anna x


One simple dress + one red underskirt = Joy!

So this is one of my charity shop finds from my recent jaunt to Harrogate. I mean the dress, which was originally from Topshop before it ended up in someones "to go" pile. The underskirt was my Christmas present to my dear friend Bo a couple of years ago. She lives in Portugal and I don't think has had many opportunities to wear it, therefore she very kindly sent it back for me to wear. And now that I've found the perfect frock to showcase it, I trotted off to work feeling pretty pleased with myself. Vain, what, moi? 

Sometimes an outfit just comes together without much orchestrating from me. A colour starts things off, then one item leads to another, and before I know it, the whole shebang is there. Without the red underskirt this is an OK outfit to my mind, but by adding that splash of red, the whole thing just sings. I feel duty bound to add a bit of joy to my life as often as I can. And the thought that this joy may be spread and shared through my ramblings and colourful blog photos is a real bonus. Life is a gift, and gifts are all the better for sharing.

My early morning sea swimming starts me off with a burst of joy. By the time I get out of the sea, after whatever distance, my mood is one of joy. How can I not feel fantastic after the ultimate exercise in clear, blue sea with only the birds and an occasional seal for company? To experience nature, to be part of this daily wonder, well, I'm forever grateful for that rebirth every morning. I get a chance to count my blessings, say my thanks for all the riches my life offers up, and ask for guidance with whatever challenges may occur in the day ahead. On a much more practical level, I'm always grateful that the icy waters have been good to me; the current and swell not been too overwhelming; and the sea hasn't been too choppy or too plain-old-freezing for me to bear! 

Jacket: TK Maxx. Dress: Topshop (charity shop). Underskirt: eBay. Tights: Dorothy Perkins. Shoes: Boden. Belt: charity shop. Rings: charity shop. Sunglasses: Quay Australia.

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