It's exhibition night again!

Hi, hello and how's your Sunday going? Last evening we opened our latest exhibition, the Creative Scilly Festival Show which ties in with the 13 day festival which has been running across the islands between the 10th and 22nd of May. We were so happy to have one of our exhibitors, Nicola Hancox, join us for the evening. She had a busy evening meeting guests and clients who wanted to hear about her paintings and the time she had spent on the island finding new inspiration for this body of work. She sold one piece at the event and the buyer was delighted to hear first hand how the painting came about. 

I've known Nicky and her husband Rick since I took over as Manager of the Gallery which must be about 15 years ago now. We've been good friends ever since I managed to (unwittingly) lock Nicky in the gallery one lunchtime as I was dashing out to catch the post. Nicky was standing at the back of the gallery at the foot of the stairs, drumming up the courage to ask if I'd take her work on, when she realised that the music had stopped, the lights were out and her reverie of a much-longed for exhibition in the beach side gallery dissolved as she found that she was alone and locked in to boot! Ten minutes later, a neighbour passed the gallery to find Nicky at the window, panicked expression on her face, mouthing "I'm locked in!" - poor Nicky imagined that she was stuck for the weekend! When I released her, she and I laughed and hugged and have become firm friends ever since. Needless to say, I had no choice but to offer to show her work! (And thank goodness I did, as she has a very loyal following which has grown over the years.)

The dress was a Mother's Day present from my kids last year. They gave me money to buy something when I was off on one of my jaunts to the mainland. I found the maxi dress in my favourite retail haunt, TK Maxx, the brand being Luna Allegra - the label says it's made in Italy. I didn't know how to style it up last year as it seemed very frumpy by the time I got it home and left me uninspired. But yesterday I came across the lime satin sandals by Steve Madden which seemed to lift the dress into another place completely. I loved how it made me feel, which I hope comes across in the photos.

It's lovely to do a photo shoot on these evenings as the vibe is much more relaxed, less rushed too. Polly and I seem to have less time to fit in a morning shoot of late so this was a treat to get back in the groove again.

I've dug out another pair of Quay Australia sunglasses for this evening look which I thought worked well. The necklace is from Primark, lime stone ring was from an airport concession and the other ring was a charity shop find as was the elasticated black and gold belt.

Polly and my helpers are all a bit camera shy this year, but trust me, they all look as spiffing as ever! We had a hectic evening which felt like one of our height of the summer openings due to the volume of guests that arrived en masse as we opened. The wine flowed, the canapes were much appreciated and red spots were scattered over the exhibits which made all the hard work truly worth while. We had a fab evening, and now I must get back to work to clear up ready for today's trading. 

Have a super weekend!

Anna x

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