Yay, it snowed!

Oh my goodness, didn't it snow? We couldn't believe the forecast when they predicted a blizzard here this far south in the UK, but golly it arrived on Thursday evening big time! This was just as it started and by late evening it was laying inches deep on the ground.

I took a walk out after work to capture this unusual aspect of Tresco, but after only about 10 minutes of walking my camera seized with the cold. Once I got home I managed to switch it back on and the battery was fine, so I can only imagine that the freezing temperature caused it to shut down.

You many not recognise this vantage point, but I often take shots from here of the sunset across the bay.

These houses are known at the Flying Boat Club development, but not often marketed like this!

Can you see the snowman in the distance? It's the first time ever for some of the children to be able to play in the snow here.

Probably the first time too for these exotic plants to be adorned in snow.

I realise these photos may mean more to those readers who've already visited the island, but they're still pretty don't you think?

The blizzard was raging now, obliterating the view across the channel where you would normally be able to see Samson and Bryher in the distance.

Increasingly the view became more and a more like a winter wonderland (and it was the 1st of March!)

This was the very top of the island where I was most exposed to the blizzard. You can see by the palm trees ahead that the wind is blasting them sideways as the snow was starting to fall more heavily. It was at this point that my camera seized up, maybe because I turned to face into the wind and it upset the mechanism.

Sasha and I dodged out earlier on that day to take a few outfit shots in between snow showers. What could be more fitting on a day like this than to wear my leopard print faux fur coat? Well, maybe adding a pair of snakeskin ankle boots? These came to me c/o J D Williams a couple of seasons ago and are still available and even on offer here.

The rest of my outfit is pretty low key for a change - just a pair of black skinny jeans from Primark and an M&S cashmere polo neck to keep the chills out. I had layered a long sleeved thermal tee under that, again from M&S. My green leather gloves were a charity shop find some time ago.

The one thing I ought to mention is the disruption that the snow has caused to our Internet connection on across the island as well as Bryher. The fibre optic cable has suffered some damage and it looks like it may take a few more days to restore. In the meantime I'm accessing (non superfast broadband) Internet through a friend. My access to your comments will be limited in the meantime, so do excuse me if I don't respond quickly. 

I hope that life for my UK readers is starting to get back to normal now and wish you a better week ahead!

Anna x


Baby it's cold outside!

Snow is a novelty for those who live on the Isles of Scilly. In fact it's nine years since the last occurrence and so you could imagine the excitement today as the skies grew heavy with snow clouds. Initially there were just a few dancing flakes, but as the day progressed the islands disappeared in full white-out and snow settled on the ground, thick enough to make snowballs and even a snowman or two were built.

For some of the local children this will be the first snow they've seen in their lives.

If it's cold enough for snow, then surely it's cold enough to showcase my red fox fur again. I took these shots last month and was hoping to air them before spring overtook me. And here we are, as huge swathes of the are UK under snow I feel it's perfect timing.

I've gone with a casual styling of honey coloured jeans and striped roll neck sweater giving a simple counterbalance to the luxury of real fur. 

The top ring is quite old (from East) and the bottom one was charity shopped.

The final touch of glamour comes by way of these Michael Kors ankle boots, bought in TK Maxx a couple of years ago. The pale nude leather is supple yet soft and the elastic gusset ensures a snug fit. Yes, the heels are toweringly high, but I can still walk in them.

See? I walked all the way from one side of the balcony all the way across to the other before I had to sit down. Once I got my breath back, I got right back up again and walked all the way back!

I realise that my blogging friends across the pond won't be mightily impressed at the light dusting of snow on the road in front of my gallery, but hang fire - we may have more to show by tomorrow. The West Country is forecast to have heavy snow by the end of the day and you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be out there taking some shots if it comes about.

For those of you who really are experiencing blizzard conditions, do take care!

Anna x

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