High heeled wellies?

Hello my lovely readers and welcome!

Yes, you did read correctly - high heeled wellies. What on earth? As you know I'm not one to hold with the rules of fashion and today I thought I'd share an outfit that reflects a different aspect of my island life. Jeans and jumper were the practical choice for a day of moving and crating art, but add to that the annoying mixture of weather - sunshine and showers with puddles underfoot and downpours suddenly appearing from nowhere - and you end up with me wearing a crazy combination of everything from sunglasses to wellies. 

So yes, this is what I stomp about in on these blustery winter days. The metallic raincoat (Tokyo Laundry) came from TK Maxx and is as waterproof as any wet gear I've ever owned. The purple jeans were preloved and from Gap.

And here they are, my high heeled wellies! I'll be honest with you, I didn't go searching for these. No, they found me. I was on holiday in St Andrews in January when I came across them in a charity shop. I decided to wait and think about them overnight. On telling my sister she informed me that they'd surely be gone by the next morning, a size 6, in great condition and only £6. I took great pleasure in assuring her that no, I'm the only woman this side of the border who would even consider buying them!

My fluffy pink sweater is by Wild Flower and the wellies have no brand name at all.

And just to prove my point about the mixed weather, half way through out photo shoot Fiona and I got caught in a shower. Cue my tartan brolly to the rescue. This has to be my most fashion faux-pas post ever! But hey, I don't care. This was indeed the outfit of the day and you can make of it what you will.

The silver and black rings make great partners even though they come from different sources, one of which was a charity shop. And my old faithful sunglasses are from Quay Australia.

Don't you just love the fickleness of the Great British weather? Dazzling sunshine between blustery showers. Oh what fun!

                                                                                  Anna x

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