Not an outfit, just clothes.

Polly insisted that we do a photoshoot of this, not me. I was in very practical mode on this particular day when I knew that we had a heap to get through at work (a whole lot of cleaning, then packing of artwork in addition to unpacking of more, hanging paintings too, as well as running in and out of the storeroom to recycle vast amounts of cardboard) therefore I couldn't afford to be teetering about in high heels or a tight frock. Hence the non-outfit, just easy trousers, baggy shirt and no jewellery. But Polly wouldn't hear of my protests about this non-outfit. No, it's for the blog this one...

Just think how much it would cost to lay on all of these special effects - background in soft focus, just the right amount of little boats bobbing about in the bay, ample gusts of wind to achieve that oh-so-natual windswept look for my hair - why it would cost a fortune. And to think that Polly and I get this done in under two minutes flat every morning completely unaided, well we're real pro's she and I!

Outfit details - shirt: charity shopped, sandals: picked up in New Zealand, trousers: Stanley Market in Hong Kong (a gift from a friend, thank you again Ben), camisole: Primark, sunnies: Quay Australia.

I'll be back on Friday with the 10th offering of the Black Trouser Challenge (that's provided it stops raining long enough for our shoot) and then on Monday it's time for #5Over50 feature with Orange is the new black. We also open another new exhibition this weekend and I'll showcase my outfit for that a week from now. I fancy that August may well speed by just as July did!
Anna x

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